Friday, February 4, 2011

Dear "Mr. Wonderful"...

I've noticed your recent fascination with my blog and I've decided to give you a dedicated post where you can list all of your grievances with my heteroseparatist philosophy so that I can refute them one by one.

I'm asking you to take some time and create a coherent list of each specific part of my stated points of view that you disagree with, and write them out carefully in the response division of this post so that I might further clarify my heteroseparatist viewpoint.

Nobody except Mr. Wonderful will be allowed to respond to this particular post.


  1. Well "Mr. Wonderful"...

    I've waited for your response for 72 hours. I'm surprised that you haven't responded. You must be a heckler; you can only harass someone speaking, but you don't have any original thoughts of your own to share. From now on, none of your possible future comments will be posted until you face me here, one-on-one.

  2. Why is it that, whenever I point the main turret of at an attacker, the agressor NEVER fights me one-on-one? Are homofascists unable to fight Christian warriors fairly? What gives?


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