Thursday, January 8, 2015

Simon LeVay denounces his discovery of the "gay gene."

Like my blog, this extensive video tears down a lot of the propaganda of the glbt community.

At 7:48, Simon LeVay denounces the "gay gene." 

At 14:51, Dean Hamer's work on the "gay gene," Xq28, has never been duplicated. 

At 16:18, Simon LeVay and Dean Hamer are both homosexuals. 

At 19:54, the APA denounces a biological case for homosexuality. 

At 21:12, the human genome shows no "gay gene."

At 23:55, the civil rights requirements are not met by the glbt community

At 25:15, "After The Ball" is exposed.

Then there's all of the information in between the abovementioned time points.  Wow.  I love this video.

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