Monday, August 3, 2009

David Reimer

In the early '90s, the wife of a former friend of mine once told me that society makes us who we are when it came to our "gender roles." I thought that she was full of (feces) at the time but I didn't voice my opinion to her because I wanted to keep the peace and I was in their home. (I don't associate with them anymore because of their subsequent behaviors.)

Anyhow, my point is that "society" isn't always wrong and many GLBT people point out the racism and oppression of women in the past to support their rejection of their "gender roles." But, due to my last two jobs, I've been in thousands of homes and I've seen a small percentage of young males and females growing into the gay lifestyle partly (or mostly) because their parents or parent didn't have the guts or the time to tell them that they couldn't be the opposite gender.

It is a ridiculous thing for a parent to not tell a young boy that he can't be a girl or to not tell a young girl that she can't be a boy so as not to enforce "gender roles."

Except for extremely rare cases, we are all born male or female. And it's wrong to allow our children to embrace the behaviors and sexual desires of the opposite gender. This under-reported case supports my contention that our minds and genitalia are perfectly matched when we are born...

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