Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Todd Carlson: anti-Christ bigot?

A high school student named Brandon Wagner was asked to write an article that opposed the adoption of children by same-sex couples. When he did, he used Biblical verses to point out that the homosexual household was a sinful environment, and therefore unsuitable for children.
Well..... DUH!!!

“...Wegner, a student at Shawano High School, was asked to write an op-ed for the school newspaper about whether gays should be allowed to adopt. Wegner, who is a Christian, wrote in opposition. Another student wrote in favor of allowing gays to adopt. ...”

“...After the op-ed was published, a gay couple whose child attend s the high school, complained. ...”

“...“The superintendent wants everyone to accept homosexuality as normative and homosexual adoption as something that should be standard practices,” Staver said. “In doing so, he’s belittling the views and the biblical views of many people across this country. He is playing a zero-sum game. He’s not interested in dialogue. He wants to cram his view down the throat of everyone else and will not tolerate an opposing viewpoint.”...”

Complete story here.


  1. it has not been established if todd carlson is homosexual or not but i expect he is, and articles lean that way

    searching for it now

  2. "...zero-sum game."

    That's a different way of saying that the radical liberationist (the homosexual) IS VOLUNTARILY CONFINED to a strictly material world. In attempting to adopt children, the homosexual is attempting to maximize his autonomy as he minimizes the autonomy of the poor child he adopts. Zero-sum game. It is in his arrogance or ignorance that the homosexual's self-confinement should lead to a greater "freedom" for said homosexual even as he will inevitably burden any adopted children with his stunted "worldview."


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