Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The importance of words. (Updated)

“…Supporters sued after Secretary of State Mark Ritchie changed the title from “Recognition of marriage solely between one man and one woman” to “Limiting the status of marriage to opposite sex couples.” …”

Words. The importance of words.

Words shape thought and evoke emotion. Words can kill and words can heal. Jesus Christ himself is known as the Word of God. That’s very significant.

It was a word-assault that started, and the mere mention of the word “heteroseparatist” is banned on What an honor!

I was even threatened once by a homofascist for creating the word “heteroseparatist.” He said that he was going to, “…stop me personally…” from being a heteroseparatist. Wow. How did he think that he was going to achieve his goal? Do I not have the right to separate from a person because of their behavior? How could he “stop” me without violating my civil rights?

To change the wording of an amendment from that of its authors that defines true marriage is a clear effort to pollute a Godly, simple, genetic, logical, natural, biological, and historical truth.

Story here.

“… Minnesota for Marriage Chairman John Helmberger said Ritchie’s and Swanson’s “meddling with the title of the Marriage Protection Amendment is a perfect example of why we need the marriage amendment.”

“Some politicians are so blinded by ideology and beholden to special interests, like gay marriage activists, that we simply can’t be confident they will follow the law or respect the will of the people,” he said.

“The only way to protect the definition of marriage is to secure it in the constitution where activist judges, ambitious politicians and special interests can’t meddle with it.” …”

Full story here.

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