Monday, August 13, 2012

Hawaii does a five-O on marriage.

Mabye their distance from liberal California has enabled the government of Hawaii to hold on to sexual sanity.

"...Same Sex Marriage (SSM) was originally supported by feminist organizations such as NOW as a way to empower women to be more independent of men (achieving women's equality is important but there are always healthy and unhealthy ways to reach a goal).

The support rose as radical subgroups of feminists grew which advocated that women should in a sense form their own separate tribe, living apart from men and even creating a future society where men could be cut off and eventually disappear because they were redundant and unnecessary as well as dangerous and violent.

The support became so intense it led to irrational positions, leading some to equate grouping people by race with groupings by gender or even by sexual behaviors, ignoring that these groupings are fundamentally different in various ways (gender differences are from evolving together, and the sexual behaviors evolved with them, while racial differences are from evolving separately). Also ignored is that SSM reduces diversity in a family group, a type of diversity that has been fundamental in human evolution and survival. It is argued that it increases the diversity of family groups, but the KKK could argue similarly that it provides a greater diversity of groups by creating a group without diversity.

The SSM movement has been able to grow so vigorously because economic/financial elites have supported it. Militant feminism merged with the left and came to dominate it, promoting lesbianism to the point that males feel uncomfortable and unwelcome in the left, making it small and weak and incapable of any strong resistance. The economic/financial elites recognized this and so have heaped support on the SSM movement. ..."

"...Hawaii is one of thirty-nine states that, by provisions in their state constitutions or in state laws, restrict marriage to one man and one woman. ..."

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