Sunday, December 30, 2012

It Got Worse.

This is the new, most-powerful-video, of this blog, beating this post of 23 June 2010.


  1. I viewed this video's author spilling the beans because of always being alone without a date gave him time to truly reflect and realize all the crude interpersonal ethics, dysfunction and depravity of the gay community. I admire his courage for publishing the truth. R.I.P. to that guy.

  2. How sad and depressing . . . but, what can one expect of a lifestyle that is so _unnatural_? Men and women _naturally_ complement each other in much more than the obvious anatomical ways; one need only observe how small children react differently to their moms and dads, preferring Mom for some things (e.g., emotional comforting) and Dads for others (e.g., vigorous play). A true marriage--i.e., between a man and a woman--taps deeply into this natural complementarity, no doubt including in many ways that are quite unconscious. Note that, no matter how much you love--in the sense of _philein_, not _eros_, of course--a friend of the same sex, even just a (chaste) casual dating relationship with someone of the opposite sex is emotionally exciting and satisfying in a way that the same-sex friendship cannot be. Homosexuals necessarily remove themselves from that complementarity, which makes their internal lives _unbalanced_. No wonder they punish themselves--and, often, those around them as well--in consequence.


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