Friday, February 24, 2012

Gay "love" not enough for kids.

Once, in an online discussion, in an effort to pull him back into the realm of sexual sanity, I asked a homosexual what he would do if he found out that his male friend was having sex with a seven year old girl. To my horror, the homosexual responded that he would, “talk” to his friend to, “see what his reasoning was.”

I know what I would do if my best friend told me that he was having sex with a seven year old girl. I would tackle him and hold onto him until the local police took him into custody.

It really boggles my mind when I stop to think that there are people that actually believe that a same-sex household does NOT harm a child, or that the redefinition of marriage won’t harm children. What kind of a depraved mind can’t understand the concept of just how important a safe environment for children is?

Today I found a great article concerning sexual sanity and the safety of children...

“...Men and women bring diversity to parenting...Mothers and fathers simply are not interchangeable. Two women can both be good mothers, but neither can be a good father. ...”

“...children progress through predictable and necessary developmental stages. Some stages require more from a mother, while others require more from a father.”

“...if a young boy is to become a competent man, he must detach from his mother and instead identify with his father. A fatherless boy doesn’t have a man with whom to identify and is more likely to have trouble forming a healthy masculine identity.”

“...Overall, fathers play a restraining role in the lives of their children. They restrain sons from acting out antisocially, and daughters from acting out sexually. When there’s no father to perform this function, dire consequences often result both for the fatherless children and for the society in which these children act out their losses.”

“...Certainly homosexual couples can be just as loving as heterosexual couples, but children require more than love. They need the distinctive qualities and the complementary natures of a male and female parent. The accumulated wisdom of over 5,000 years has concluded that the ideal marital and parental configuration is composed of one man and one woman. Arrogantly disregarding such time-tested wisdom, and using children as guinea pigs in a radical experiment, is risky at best, and cataclysmic at worst.”

Complete, homofascist-crushing-article here.

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