Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Devine truth.

<----This is Miranda Devine. She has upset the Gaystapo by saying that a child needs a mother and a father. Once again, stating obvious, biological facts about the differences between men and women, make some people angry. I will never cease to be amazed by the insanity of gender-denial.

Ms. Devine writes...

“...In this case gay marriage was the sacred cow that so unhinged people...”

“...The column was respectful of Finance Minister Penny Wong and her female partner, who is expecting a baby, and stated that “love conquers all”, but its assertion that fathers are in general better for children, was beyond the pale for some...”

“...But on Twitter people twisted my words, and claimed my column said: “love conquers all (unless you’re gay)” when it said the precise opposite...”

“...On ABC’s Q&A on Monday night came an extraordinary question from an audience member who said: “The criticism of Senator Wong is based on the homophobic idea that a child is entitled to having both a father and a mother.”...”

“...So there you have it. It is homophobic to say a child is entitled to a mother and a father. Yet not one person on the panel could find the courage to knock the assertion on the head...”

“...Pointing out that fathers are important is not homophobic. Nor is it an indictment on individual single mothers, many of whom do a heroic job. But to pretend that a fatherless society is not a disaster doesn’t delete the truth...”...”

Story here.

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