Friday, July 24, 2009

The Goy Gay follow up.

Well unexpected thing has happened. To my surprise, and to his credit, the Goy Gay has contacted me. I say " his credit..." because it is warp-powered rare for my opponents to engage me one-on-one. Very rare.
Anyhow, when he contacted me, I put Duracells in my lightsaber and lit it up because I thought our e-conversation was going to something like the meeting of a homoSith and a Heterojedi. I was ready to defend myself. Ready to blast him with my wordgat. Ready to show him what linguistic Aikido was all about.
But.... he didn't come at me with the same old, your-nothing-but-a-homophobe mindset that the vast majority of those that disagree with me do. We have had a downright pleasant conversation, and we simply agree to disagree about homosexuality. That's it. How cool.
This blog entry is basically a declaration of a cease-fire with the Goy Gay, and my further developement of the word "homohegemony" (as self-explanatory as it is to some) is suspended.
I perfer clarity to agreement and I believe that, (unless he's very good at the Trojan horse tactic!) the Goy Gay and I are not enemies.

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