Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Criminal transmadness on full display.'s been a long time. But, this story/incident/tragedy has pulled me out of semi-retirement.  

For the last seven months, I've been dealing with the fall of my church of eighteen years, and finding a new, biblical church, was a much harder task than I thought it would be.  But, as I have just completed that search, I can now divert attention to other things like my old, tattered blog.

And, if there was EVER a time to de-cloak and come out of hyperspace... this story is definitely it.

The top video above covers my emotions on the incident perfectly.  WHY didn't one of the men videoing the stabbing of this downed man circle around and drop kick the man stabbing the downed man FROM BEHIND!  Because of what I've learned from my military father, I know when to spring into action.  But, even more important than that, there's what my Heavenly Father says.

I would want someone to come to my aid if I were unconscious and being murdered, so I would do the same for another human being.    

More info here.