Thursday, February 28, 2013

Don't tell Coy that he is a boy.

I was astonished by this story.  What kind of parents don't have the moral and biological clarity to tell their 6-year-old son that he can't be a girl?  As human beings, we can't change our gender.  What kind of "medical professionals" did they consult?  Gay nurses?  Why does this woman refer to her son as "she," when he has a penis?  How does this child stand a chance with parents that don't have enough sense to know that a person with a penis is a "he," no matter what gender he wants to be?  Why can't Coy"s parents understand that his penis doesn't belong in the women's/girl's restroom? 

A comment on Discus that summed-up the foolishness of this boy's parents has disappeared.  The comment had 3600+ approvals and went something like; "A person has the right to their own beliefs, but not to their own reality.  I have the right to believe that I'm the greatest astronaut in the world, but NASA doesn't then have the responsibility to send me into space."

More info here.   

The Chick-fil-A-effect for Oregon baker.

People are fighting back against homofascism.  People are waking up.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

True 'toon.

Gay porn and children.

Because of his gross rejection of sexual boundaries, a homosexual is more dangerous to young boys than a heterosexual is to young girls.  Most Stockholm homosexuals simply refuse to accept the fact that their seduction into the glbt community, when they were underage, was NOT an act of love. 

Story here.

Is Orson Scott Card like kryptonite to the supergay?

This man is Orson Scott Card.  He is one of the greatest sci-fi writers of our time.

I first read one of Mr. Card's short stories in the December 1978 issue of the now defunct Omni magazine.  I actually have the magazine on my desk right now since I have the first ten years of Omni magazine in my office.  My very probable next post concerning how homosexuals are made will be from the March 1982 issue of Omni.

My favorite book in my office is The Science Fiction Encyclopedia edited by Peter Nicholls.  In this book, a division of science fiction is called "adsurdist reality."  How ironic that I find myself living in an absurdist reality where a sci-fi writer is attacked for his belief and acknowledgement of true marriage!

Anyhow, some homofascists are upset over Orson Scott Card's involvement in a new Superman comic series, just because Mr Card believes that a marriage is between one man and one woman.  Wow.  Amazing.  Some gays actually want this man fired from his job because he adheres to God's definition of marriage.

Story here.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

True pic.

Beloved readers, this blog is not dead yet.  I've been exhausted by work lately, but this blog will live as long as I do.  I plan on much more detailed posts in the future.

97% of the comments to my blog are deleted for their violation of my commenting rules.  Only those who are willing to play by the rules will have their comments posted.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Oregon baker standing for God's definition of marriage.

The man doesn't deny service to homosexuals, he just won't bake a cake for a homosexual "wedding."  So what's the problem?

And there are STILL people that don't know the difference between race, gender, and sexual behavior.  The sentence, "blacks, women, and homosexuals..." has hypnotized many into thinking that sexual behavior is morally innate like race and gender. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Boy Scouts under full attack.

I've been watching this story for about six days now, and I've finally found an appropriate video to kick-off my post of this latest level of homofascism. 

Apparently, a homosexual blogger has been going after corporations who donate to the BSA.  I'm shocked!  Whatever would a homosexual want from young boys?  It couldn't possibly be to continue the apparent tradition of seducing other people's children into the glbt community.  Nah.  Anyone who would possibly think that is just homophobic.

How many people are still deceived by the lie that sexual behavior is the same as skin color?  Who could be that for gone? 

Friday, February 1, 2013

The 'mo after Te'o.

This story reveals the harm caused by homosexual deceit.  A person has to reject some very obvious facts of life to live the glbt lifestyle, and that ability/level-of-denial adversely affects other human beings.  Almost every post on this blog is to illuminate my just reasons for separating mysef from the glbt community. 

I'm late getting to this story because of the most harrowing work week I've had in seven years, but it's not to stale to post about.

"The feelings, the pain, the sorrow, that was all real," Te'o told Katie Couric in an interview last week.

Story here.