Monday, November 16, 2020

Tracy Shannon protecting children.


It's difficult to know where to start again after being gone for so long, but, between a worldwide, reinvigorated pandemic, civil riots, election drama, and the deaths of family and loved ones, I've been kinda busy.  

But I can't sleep, and it's 4:54 am, and I'm off tomorrow... time to retrain with my old, but upgraded, lightsaber.    

Just posting this video was difficult because of the technical upgrades that have been put in place since I've been gone, but illuminating the glbt community's hatred for those who simply disagree with their lifestyle choices is my clunky reentry into the fray.  I presume that I'll find my proper stride in the future.  

Look at how this woman's message to protect children is attacked by the homofascists that are holding signs in the background.  Why can't those who disagree with exposing their children to homofascist propaganda speak without harassment?  If the glbt community is so right, why do they want to silence those who disagree with their life choices? 

I read the Word of God daily to keep from being caught up in the propaganda of the Godless people of this world.

I can understand why this woman speaks out against transmadness; her marriage was ruined by transdelusionality.

More info here.