Monday, December 31, 2018

Call me "maam" or I'll attack you LIKE THE MAN I AM!!!

Now that the hectic Christmas season is coming to a close, I can respond faster to current events. 

I believe that this video will do even further damage to the glbt community by swaying the undecided.  Men pretending to be women get very masculine when offended.  

Look how this man threatens to unleash his manliness if he isn't referred to as a woman!  How unintentionally comical this delusional man is!!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Call a girl a boy or your fired!!

How is fighting against the TRUTH not the prime function of the glbt community?

You know I'm crazy busy to not get to this amazing story sooner, but when a teacher gets fired for referring to a female as "her," something insane is going on.

This is clearly what the glbt community wants; the destruction of all who refuse to support their delusions.  I've even been threatened and suffered some lightweight persecution myself for defining the word "heteroseparatist."  Imagine that; someone who wants to punish me for walking away from them because of their behavior.

Now, people are being fired for not ignoring biological science.  Gender is a biological fact, but some people war against the truth.  I flee, hide from, and evade people who reject the Truth.

More complete info here, here, and here.