Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Those who hate the truth...

...call the truth hate.

Look at this pic created by Rob Tish. I challenged Mr. Tish to disavow how some in the glbt community want to recruit children into the glbt lifestyle through "school safety" programs and he wouldn't do it.

Doesn't this artwork from Mr. Tish imply that NOM members and supporters want to kill gays? Wow! Wouldn't this make some gays think that NOM was a danger to their lives and, therefore, inspire violence against NOM members? This level of homofascism is really dangerous to those who stand for true marriage. I never thought that I would live in a World were believing that marriage was between one man and one woman would get you compared to a lynching Klansman.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Wong isn't Wrong.

Although she's willing to go "down under" in more ways than one, Australian Senator Penny Wong is under fire from her local glbt community for seeing the difference between race, gender, and sexual behavior. She stands for true marriage. Story here.

Lt. Dan Choi.

Why did this guy join the Armed Forces of The United States of America when he knew that openly gay service members weren't welcome? It had to be for the attention he would get by rebelling against sexual sanity. A classic "spotlight" homosexual that I described in my manifesto. Did Mr. Choi ever stop to think about how he my be embarrassing his parents and his siblings? There must be someone with sexual sanity in his family. Sad story here.

Friday, July 23, 2010

I wish I knew how to photoshop so I could put a bag of cash in Lord Vader's left hand in the picture below. Looks like the Sith are running low on cash! Mabye he needed the money to get his normal suit out of the cleaners. Funniest story I've heard this year (since no one was hurt in the bank). Are the late-night shows going to have a field day with this or what? Story here.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Christians need not apply...

...for a Master's degree in counseling.

This woman, Jen Keeton, will be denied her Master's degree in counseling if she doesn't renounce her Christian beliefs and acknowledge the normalcy of homosexual couples.

How ironic that this story surfaces when I'm about to debate a lesbian (The She-man Of Hedon) concerning, among other things, how the gay community's desire to change the definition of marriage will trample on the rights of God-fearing Christians.

It's beginning to become clearer and clearer to me that Christians don't have to persecute gays to be happy but the glbt community must persecute Christians to be happy. Story here.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gays who hate Christians.

"Hate speech" will someday be defined as anything that the glbt community doesn't want to hear. And Christians will be prosecuted under hate speech laws. For the full details, click here.

(Do NOT read "comments" if your under 18. Harsh language alert!)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Marriage redefiners.

Look at the first fifteen seconds of this video. Look at how the homofascists can't stand free speech and want to pollute anything said by God-fearing, pro-family people. Can anyone show me a video where Christians storm a podium when a supporter of homosexual "marriage" is speaking? What an incredible level of intolerance from those who constantly preach "tolerance!" You will NEVER see a video like this in the mainstream media because it shows the hostility of those who support homosexual "marriage."

Cry for Argentina.

I was unable to post on the legalization of homosexual "marriage" in Argentina due to my above-average work schedule last week and not being able to make a timely post on this development bothered me. I do my best to serve fresh bread in my bakery.
Anyhow, I've noticed that you don't have to persecute homosexuals to appease Christians but you DO have to persecute Christians to appease homosexuals. Why is that? A God-fearing judge is very probably going to loose her job because of this sinful redefinition of marriage. Story here.

Defending Dr. Howell.

This man was fired for speaking about what the Bible says about homosexuality. He did NOT condone violence against, nor hatred for the glbt community, but he was still fired. Would he have been fired if the situation was reversed, and he was preaching the virtues of the gay lifestyle? Some students are rallying to rescue Dr. Howell from this textbook homofascism. Story here.

Does the glbt community hate NOM's free speech?

It would be different if NOM was preaching violence against the gay community, but they're not. NOM is simply standing up for the Godly, (I Cor. 7:2) common-sense, one-man-one-woman definition of marriage. How does this "deny gays their human rights?"

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Does D.C. stand for "democracy crushed"?

Those who don't understand the difference between race and sexual behavior, see those who vote to support marriage as being between one man and one woman, as a bigoted White person voting to uphold the slavery of African-American/Black people. The aforementioned point-of-view is wrong since gay people have the same right to marry one member of the opposite sex as I do.
So many people have been hypnotized by the constant drumbeat of the rallying words, "bigotry," "discrimination," and "oppression," that a guy like me, who would much rather avoid confrontation, has been forced to defend himself, and enter into a culture war. Gays don't want the, "right to marry," the glbt community wants to change the definition of marriage. How come they won't just say that? It wouldn't have the same effect as the words, "bigotry" or "discrimination" or "oppression" would it. For my supporting evidence, click here.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Logo upgrade.

I like this better. Designing a logo when your mind is almost completely geared for prose is not an easy thing. Except for the circled "R" of the pending trademark, this is very probably my final design. Copyright 2010, Carl Rowan Morris. All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lindsay Lohan's lesbian love lockup.

They're waiting for Ms. Lohan. The lesbian gangs want a piece of her. (Can't say that I can blame them.) Story here.

R.I.P. George Steinbrenner

I'm not a fan of baseball, but I know who the New York Yankees are. Story here.

Monday, July 12, 2010


This man, Dr. Kenneth Howell, was fired for explaining the wrongness of homosexuality in an email...as a professor of religion! Once again, just disagreeing with homosexuality will cause homofascists to come after you. Dr. Howell was falsely accused of "hate speech," one of the favorite phrases (which has no legal definition) of some in the glbt community. Click here or here or here.

First Anniversary.

Well, here we are. My first post was much more of an experiment than a blog entry and it was a year ago today.

What has surprised me the most is the hostility I've experienced as a result of my little word "heteroseparatist." Merriam-Webster won't even talk to me anymore; even rejecting the benign phrase, "Achillies question." I even had to privatize the registry of heteroseparatist.com after receiving a hate-filled phone call from a homosexual. He called himself,"Billy Blade" and said that he would "...personally stop me..." from being a heteroseparatist. A prime example of homofascism!
It was my quest for brevity that inspired me to create a one-word response to the word "homophobe." I wanted to denounce hatred, fear, and ignorance, AND disagree/withdraw from the glbt community, and there was no single word that would do the job. So I invented it.

Let me close this post by saying what few people will say. Homosexuality is wrong, and homosexual "marriage" is even more wrong. But, just as people have the right to be wrong, I have the right to walk away from the glbt community (in my private life) and vote for the protection of the one-man-one-woman definition of marriage. 'Nuff said.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Dont drop the soap!

The prime, common-sense concern of straight men in the military concerning homosexual men will be the close living conditions that are often unavoidable in the military. (Homofascists will of course label these concerns of straight men as "homophobia.") But I would imagine that heterosexual men in the Armed Forces would want to be treated with the same respect that women in the military receive, like not being forced to shower with men, and not having to put up with unwanted sexual attention from men. Haven't I been saying this all along? Then today I find this.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

How much gays hate ex-gays.

This woman, Jackie Clune, is being persecuted by gay people for leaving the glbt community. Where is the "tolerance" that gays preach?
"(Ms. Clune) says her return to heterosexuality continues to draw vitriol from the lesbian community: one major lesbian publication voted her "Most Disappointing Lesbian Of The Year," and a now-defunct Facebook group was erected entitled, "People Like Jackie Clune Should Be Taken Outside And Shot." Story here and here.

DADT survey going to troops.

Is a woman in the military a prude for not wanting to shower in front of men? Neither is a man "homophobic" for not wanting to shower with a homosexual.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How 'bout a nice Hawaiian punch!

Go Hawaii!! Governor Linda Lingle has taken a stand for sexual sanity and vetoed a homosexual "marriage" bill. What guts! Do we need more female Governors or what? First, Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona takes an overdue stand against illegal immigration, and now this.

Handyman Brandon

Handyman Brandon thinks that I am, "Denying gays the right to marry." I have challenged him to debate the subject here. I don't know if he'll show. I have already given HB the option of rescheduling and he has two ways to contact me. Are you here Brandon?
(2122hrs. Thu. 08July2010)
Brandon, if you can ever scrape together the courage to come to this blog and debate me, I'll be waiting. 'Nuff said.

Monday, July 5, 2010

A win against same-sex sin in Wisconsin.

This is a surprise to me. Wisconsin's supreme court says no to homosexual "marriage" with a vote of 7-0! What a defeat for homofascism!
"The court was right to reject this baseless lawsuit..." "Judges and politicians should never toss aside the will of the people in order to impose a system that intentionally deprives children of a mom and a dad." Click here.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


First of all, I wish to pay my respects to the Armed Forces of the United States of America, who provide us with freedom. Only the eternal salvation provided by the Lord Jesus Christ outranks freedom.
Secondly, I wish to state that heteroseparatist.com exists to preserve the freedom of those who simply disagree with the glbt lifestyle and NOT to take away a person's right to be gay.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

More pay if your gay!

me: Honey can you come here please?

wife: Yes. (after she walked from the bedroom to our kitchen)

me: What would you say if I told you that there's a company that will pay you more if you're gay?

wife: I'd say you're high.

me: Thank you.

wife: Is this really happening?

me: Yep.

wife: Is it a gay magazine?

me: Nope.

wife: That's discrimination.

me: I thought so too. I just wanted your reaction to the news.

wife: Where is this?

me: Here. In America.

wife: That's discrimination.

me: I know. Google's doing it. They're paying gay people more just for being gay. Just for what they're doing in their own bedrooms. You know I'm going to post this conversation on my blog.

wife: Fine with me. Thanks for telling me first. (she leaves the kitchen)

me: Thank you honey.
Link here.