Thursday, July 22, 2010

Christians need not apply...

...for a Master's degree in counseling.

This woman, Jen Keeton, will be denied her Master's degree in counseling if she doesn't renounce her Christian beliefs and acknowledge the normalcy of homosexual couples.

How ironic that this story surfaces when I'm about to debate a lesbian (The She-man Of Hedon) concerning, among other things, how the gay community's desire to change the definition of marriage will trample on the rights of God-fearing Christians.

It's beginning to become clearer and clearer to me that Christians don't have to persecute gays to be happy but the glbt community must persecute Christians to be happy. Story here.


  1. More predictable lies. WorldNetDaily has been REPEATEDLY caught distorting facts and telling blatant lies, which they neither acknowledge nor apologise for. Citing them is no better than citing Peter LaBarbera's site for facts. Not that I expect you to care, your blog is full of glaring examples of citing proven bullshit to justify hatemongering, proving you are a bigot. Calling me "She-Man of Hedon" only cements that. There will BE no debate unless you apologise and agree to debate me like an adult and not a tantrum-throwing teenager, as I do not humour hateful idiots.

    And for the record that girl was NEVER asked to give up her beliefs. She was told that if she wanted to be a campus counsellor she had to check those beliefs at the door as they could cause emotional harm to some of her potential clients. She is simply another hateful deceitful Christian playing victim because someone told her to leave her bigotry outside of the workplace.

    I will not reply again unless I get an apology on MY blog for the insult. If I do not, you admit by default that my argument is sound, as if it were not, a supposedly intelligent man would not have to resort to petty insults to rebuke it.

  2. What a cowardly retreat! You CONSTANTLY insult your opponents here and now you're so sensitive?

  3. I don't insult ANYONE until I'm insulted first. And my insults are about their behavior, not their gender or religion. Niceb try, you still forfeit. As I told you this debate would continue if you apologised you can't call ME a coward if it ends becayuse you lack the maturity to do so. Nice try but no.

  4. I will apologize to you on your blog AFTER you answer my question; What would you do if your children were being taught in gradeschool, that homosexuality was wrong, WITHOUT your consent? What would you DO?

  5. Oh, Mantronikk. I don't know how it's done in your circles, but in the civilized world, apologies are given when a person screws up or does something offensive, period. They are not used as bargaining chips, as you're attempting to do here - "I'll apologize IF you answer my question FIRST." Apologies are not contingent upon getting the answer you want out of a person.

    But as I said, that's how it's done among civilized people who are honestly seeking to engage in debate. And you, with your juvenile, gender-performativity-based slur (I mean, really? The best you can do is an insult that boils down to, "This woman-identified person fails to inspire my boner, so I will call into question her femininity and gender identity!"? How sad. If I wanted to stoop to your tactics, I could at least get a homo-related jab in, Man-on-mantronikk.) have proven that you have no interest in honest, reality-based debate, but are just a glorified troll and a bigot whose positions won't hold up in the light of reason.

  6. Dear Jadelyn,
    I wouldv'e been happy to have an adult debate with the delusions-of-grandeur-having "Shaman," until she spoke to me with contempt. I normally don't play these type of juvenile games, but I'm also not going to wear a tuxedo in a bar fight. The "Shaman" will not answer my SIMPLE question about someone teaching HER kids that homosexuality was wrong without her consent and seeks to distract me from that fact with false accusations of "bigotry" and "hatemongering" and a avalanche of words that still don't answer my simple question. I've gone out of my way to denounce hatred in my manifesto (click on the "h" to see it), the definition of a "heteroseparatist," and my logo, and the "Shaman" comes at me accusing me of hate. She's just mad that I was able to alter ONE letter of her lofty title and add a hyphen and collapse her huge ego. And the fact that she is definitely not a lipstick/feminine lesbian only added to the strength of my improvised-psychological-device. I'm done trying to get through to abusive homofascists, hence the creation of my word/website/blog/concept...heteroSEPARATIST. I don't want to fight anyone, but when I'm cornered and attacked, I'm going to really surprise my attacker. The "Shaman" keeps telling me that "we're done," yet keeps contacting me!
    Also, what is YOUR definition of a "bigot"? Judging by the rationality of your prose, I believe that you and I can interface/debate like adults.


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