Thursday, July 1, 2010

More pay if your gay!

me: Honey can you come here please?

wife: Yes. (after she walked from the bedroom to our kitchen)

me: What would you say if I told you that there's a company that will pay you more if you're gay?

wife: I'd say you're high.

me: Thank you.

wife: Is this really happening?

me: Yep.

wife: Is it a gay magazine?

me: Nope.

wife: That's discrimination.

me: I thought so too. I just wanted your reaction to the news.

wife: Where is this?

me: Here. In America.

wife: That's discrimination.

me: I know. Google's doing it. They're paying gay people more just for being gay. Just for what they're doing in their own bedrooms. You know I'm going to post this conversation on my blog.

wife: Fine with me. Thanks for telling me first. (she leaves the kitchen)

me: Thank you honey.
Link here.


  1. I would like to introduce you to this gentleman:

  2. I have to admit, when I first heard this, I was confused. And then I thought a bit and realized the logic. When we have to pay more in taxes simply because our committed, loving, long-term, monogamous relationships aren't recognized with tax breaks on the federal (or, in a lot of cases, state) level, Google's trying to level the playing field. The raise is equivalent to what would have been charged extra in taxes.

  3. Why, this is just an outrage! The nerve of Google to try to reimburse its gay employees for extra living expenditures cost-shifted to them by heterosexual supremacists! Someone should teach Google how to run a successful business!

    This is just like when IBM extended insurance to the domestic partners of its gay employees some years ago but not to domestic partners of straight employees. When asked why, a spokesman for IBM said that its straight employees could just get married. The injustice!

    And let's not forget about Google building a $600,000,000 server farm in Council Bluffs Iowa, a state in which its gay employees can get married, instead of across the river in Omaha Nebraska, a state in which they can't.

    Know what you should do? Move your blog off Google, that's what you should do!

    That'll show Eric and Sergei!

    Give 'em hell, Star Wars dweeb, astrologist and Christianist! (I admire your ability to jockey three superstitions when most Christers can only handle one! Clearly you're quite the overachiever!)

    Copyright, 2010, Enzo Cerusico. All rights reserved.

  4. Getting extra pay/benifits because of your sexual activities is wrong. Do married men who work for these "enlightened" companies get extra health benefits to cover their wives AND mistresses? Would a polygamist get the same deal as a homosexual?

    Just as a gay activism isn't homofascist, not all of us who stand for sexual sanity are "heterosexual supremacists."


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