Friday, April 29, 2016

People are fed up; Target boycott up to 1,000,000.

People are fed up with homofascism (I was one of the first) and now, transtyranny.

Just today, I bought some items at Walmart where there is a smaller "family" bathroom that the gender confused can use.  Isn't there also a family bathroom at Target too? 

All Target had to do was be silent on the issue of "transgenderism," and their stock wouldn't be plummeting right now.  How can those who support men going into women's restrooms not under stand the obvious danger to women that their beliefs support?!?

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Target boycott at 700,000 and growing.

There are so many people and businesses trying to prove how "inclusive" they are, that women are no longer safe in women's restrooms.  For the safety of women, create a separate bathroom for the gender confused.

What is wrong with some people?!?!  What happened to common sense?!

Target is now feeling the economic wrath of the public.

More info here and here.

Friday, April 22, 2016

@ Matt...

I have to continue our debate here because I can only post responsive comments with my smartphone because I cannot post via Blogger; my complaints to Blogger have been ignored, probably due the political incorrectness of my blog.

Anyhow, the additional level of insanity of glbt body modifiers can be seen here and here.  I have yet to see a heterosexual body modifier go so far as to deny their own species or age.  Isn't it obvious to you that the glbt mind is capable of more denial than the heterosexual mind?

Please post any responses on this page instead of the original. 

Another faked "hate crime" by a homosexual.

The first time I saw this picture I noticed that the letters of the word in the middle of this cake were thinner than the letters of  "LOVE WINS."  There is also a difference in the penmanship of the "G" verses the letters in "LOVE WINS."

I didn't think much more about this case until the video below.  Look in the lower, right corner, see how the clerk scans the TOP of the box purchased by the homosexual "pastor."  (You cannot be an active member of the glbt community and be a pastor at the same time.)

Now look where the label is in this video...

This fake "pastor" never counted on the fact that the cake decorator was gay...

More info here.

R. I. P. Prince.

I went out to get my haircut this morning, and when I came home... Prince was dead. 

I remember being so happy to buy Purple Rain on beta video tape just before VHS crushed beta video.  I remember actually crying (very briefly) on the bus as I was leaving the movie Purple Rain.

Prince's talent was unquestionable.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The glbt community vs. REALITY.

To deny that you are human, male, or female, is supported nowadays by people coming out of college.  To deny your skin color, your age, or your height, or that your body is designed for heterosexual sex, is the kind of denial fuels the glbt community. 

Isn't it obvious that denial and emotional trauma are the two main pillars of the gay community?

Monday, April 11, 2016

Hitler reacts to denial of gay "wedding" cake.

Isn't this video an accurate depiction of homofascism? 

Why do most gays want to destroy the lives of those who simply wish to follow the commandments of Jesus Christ?  There are some things that a Christian-owned bakery will not do.  What is the big deal gay community?  Why not just leave us alone?

The bigotry in the glbt community is astounding.

Full story here.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

The obvious madness of the "transgender" mind.

Wow. The glbt community is still reaching new depths.  Check this out...

Why did this man subject his child to his madness?  Where was his concern for his child?  This is the kind of man that Mississippi is trying to keep out of women's restrooms.

Like I've asked many times... can ANYONE challenge my decision to distance myself from the glbt community?!?!     





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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My hero, Ray Jessel.

I was howling with laughter at what should be Bruce Jenner's theme song.  This man crushes transgender propaganda with a short, cute little jingle.  I love it!