Friday, February 7, 2020

Homofascist of the year fo 2019. Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv.

Well, the new year is here and, now that other major projects have been completed, I finally have time to attend to my blog.  I'm glad to be back to defend the truth.

This man, Jonathan Yaniv, is a telling representative of the so-called "transgender" division of the glbt community; driving women out of business for refusing to wax his penis because he insists that his penis is a vagina and local law supports his transdelusionality.

The so-called "transgender" division of the glbt community is constantly shining the light on the mindset of their community, and people are backing off because of the obvious insanity that's gripping the minds of those who think that they can change their gender.  The face of the man in the video below strongly supports my point.