Saturday, September 19, 2015

Where is "non binary" represented in the letters "LGBT"?

One of the reasons that I stick to "glbt" instead of the current term "lgbt" is because I noticed, long ago, that the glbt community kept changing their call letters too often.  It was "glbt" when I was attacked by homofascists in June of 2002, and when the letters kept changing, I decided to settle on "glbt." 

Well, apparently, I made a good decision.  In their error, the glbt community has failed to recognize the rise of those who desire to be genderless.  How will the glbt community change their moniker now?  "Lgbtn"?  What will the sexual-normalcy-rejecting community do now since every letter in glbt acknowledges the existence of gender?  There has to be gender for someone to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, or "transgender."  So... what now glbt community?  What is the next incarnation of "lgbt"?

Those who reject the Word of God continually amaze me.  Full story here.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Best Kim Davis video ever!! (updated)

Despite the fact that his followers/servants are still flawed human beings, God still reveals to us certain facts that enable us to see things correctly.  Those who don't know or reject Jesus Christ/the Truth, are literally living a lie.  The entire glbt community and those who support the activities of the glbt community are living a lie. 

I support the civil rights and human rights of gay people and their right to be wrong, but their activities are wrong, and same-sex "marriage" is very harmful to children and, therefore, a ticket to the wrath of God.  I'm trying to simultaneously defend my right to walk away from the gay community and reach them with the Word of God.   This is the third best video that this blog has ever seen.

This one is first.

And this one is second.

There are actually people who hate this little girl and wish her harm just because of the truth that comes out of her mouth.  She puts homofascists to shame with a simple, undeniable truth.

Why does the glbt community hate Kim Davis?

Why does the glbt community hate this woman? 


Where is the hatred from the heterosexual community for this lesbian Judge who refused to perform true marriages?

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The first true link between race and same-sex "marriage."

Anti-Christ, homofascist bigots are always comparing skin color to sexual behavior.  This picture floored me because it is the first true connection between race and sexual behavior.  Amazing.  Someone finally gets it!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk, could have been smarter. (Updated.)

I've been crunching the data on this case since I first heard of it.  Ms. Davis should have demanded retraining for another job/position if her decision to live by the Word of God prevents her from complying with the POTUS ruling on same-sex marriage.  The legal fight to preserve true marriage was lost.  True Christians must now do things like privatizing divisions of their businesses.  For example; a servant of Jesus Christ who owns a bakery should do wedding cakes by invitation only.
A Christian photographer should do weddings by invitation only or simply go completely silent when asked to do a same-sex "marriage." 

Until human laws evolve to recognize those who wish to live their lives by the inspired Word of God, true Christians must be smarter.  Why don't servants of Jesus Christ simply go silent when asked to participate in the redefinition of marriage?  If one were to just go silent and stare at the member of the glbt community, the glbt person would, eventually, just walk away without being able to truthfully say that they were denied service. 

True Christians must now either get out of the wedding business, or figure out how to obey the Word of God and do business.  We must be wise a serpents and innocent as doves. 

More info herehere and here.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Homosexuality isn't getting enough attention anymore... I'm transgendered!!

Providing the homosexual with his own bathroom wasn't enough for him.  He wasn't getting enough attention anymore and went "transgender."  But, instead of taking this homosexual into custody on a 5150 hold, the politically correct administration of his high school apparently let him use the girl's locker room to flop his penis about.  This of course, has sparked the ire of those of us who acknowledge the reality of gender.  I would have a very serious discussion with a male caught in my daughter's locker room or girl's bathroom. 

The thought process of the bltg mind is heart wrenching.  More info here.

Great instructive video.

THIS is how to correctly speak to a person lost in the sin of homosexuality.  When a person speaks the inspired Word of God without love in their heart, it causes people to turn away from the truth.