Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Dave Chappelle is fighting against transdelusionality.

Well, I'm usually home today.  

I've assigned myself the task of reading through the Bible twice this year and I'm almost done.  I don't ever plan on doing it again. 

It took me two years to complete my first, self-assigned, reading of the Bible, and I wanted to double-up this year to even out the years.  This has taken a lot of my time; but the Word of God is my core operating system.  

But today, I am at home, with rare time to blog.

It looks like the glbt community is mad at Dave Chappelle for saying gender is real.  Wow.  I was careful to take the time to watch the show that the transdelusionals are upset about, before posting on my blog, and I have to say...

How is what is between your legs when you use the bathroom NOT reality?!?

The fight against homofascism and transdelusionality is gaining traction.  

More info here

Friday, July 9, 2021

Get your wee-wee out of Wi!!

It took me two years to go through the Word of God the first time I did it.  I read the New Testament in a year plan in 2017, then I read the Old Testament in a year plan in 2018.  Now, I go through the Bible once a year.    
The Word of God is what enabled me the discern between all of the things and beliefs that people have spoken to me about and tried to push me into believing.  

Here's the truth; if you were born with a penis, you're male.  If you were born with a vagina, you're female.  There are people that will rebel against the truth, and there are people that will obey the commandments of Jesus Christ.  

This is why those who know the truth fought against the redefinition of marriage, and against the propaganda of the glbt community.  

Now, because of the propaganda of the glbt community, it is legal for a man to walk naked in the women's section of a spa, and expose his penis to underage girls.  


Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Ellen Page on the cover Time.

So I'm supposed to call and believe that the female in the picture above has somehow grown a penis and is now a man.  Well, in all of my lifetime, I've never heard of a woman who grew a penis and became a man.  Not only that, there are many who will go along with her delusion, and support her 100%.  And these same people will seek to punish me for not going along with this absurd charade.

I for one, have chosen to decide to hold on to sanity.  99.93% of all human beings are born either totally male or totally female. This is scientific biological fact. If there are those who want to reject this fact that's their business, and that's their life. But I will not be moved.

This video makes my case for me.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Ellen Page declared homofascist of the year for 2020.

Yeah... I know I'm real late with this one.  But I felt it necessary to post this post before going further this year.

It still amazes me that people think that they can change their gender, and then seek to cancel those that won't play along with their self-delusion.  I refuse to play along with Ellen Page, she is a adult, human, female.  End of story.  

More info here.