Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Make-your-own-gender neutral dolls?!?!

So... they want to teach kids that a person can just create their own gender; to ignore the biological, scientific reality that over 99.97% of humans are born completely male or female?  This is the cornerstone of madness.  To gender confuse children at an early age is evil, and this will be done despite the objection of their parents by the schools that their children attend.

Mattel is literally marketing gender-dysphoria to children that will be supported by some of their Godless parents.  My parents would have never allowed me to wallow in delusion, especially about the fact that I'm a human male.

This kind of marketing to children is turning even young people off to the glbt community.

The women in the video sound so intelligent and so reasonable, I thank God for his Word that keeps me anchored to the truth.

More info here.