Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where does the redefinition of marriage end?

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Redefending ex-lesbian Lisa Miller.

I withdrew my support of this woman, Lisa Miller, because she was defying a court order.

Now there is evidence that this woman's former lesbian lover had forced Ms. Miller's daughter, who was only five years old at the time, to bath naked with her.

Would I defy a court order to prevent my five-year-old son from being taken away from me and forced to bath naked with a gay man, by that gay man? Oh yes I would! Navy Seal Team 6 wouldn't be able to take my son away from me without killing me first.

“... “I asked her what happened. She said, ‘Janet took a bath with me.’ I asked her if she had a bathing suit on. ‘No, Mommy.’ She had no clothes on and it totally scared Isabella. She had never seen this woman except once in 2 ½ years and she takes a bath with her.” ...”

Story here.

Spotlight on Rusty Blustering.

I said I would do this so I'm doing this. Click on comments here.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sweden's "gender madness."

A little Swedish boy in preschool walks up to his teacher and asks,(in Swedish) "Miss Svensson. Is my father here yet?"

Miss Svensson's face contorts into an angry expression, and she yells at little Olof, telling him to stand in the corner until his "parent" comes to pick him up.

Hurt and confused, little Olof walks away and stands in the corner crying until his "parent" arrives to pick him up from preschool.

What was Olof's crime? Having the sheer nerve to acknowledge the gender of his father! This present-day, absurdist-reality scenario is being played out in at least one pre-school in Sweden, where the mere mention of a person's gender is discouraged!

"The kind of things that boys like to do - run around and turn sticks into swords - will soon be disapproved of," he said. "So gender neutrality at its worst is emasculating maleness."

“...Director Lotta Rajalin notes that Egalia places a special emphasis on fostering an environment tolerant of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people. From a bookcase, she pulls out a story about two male giraffes who are sad to be childless - until they come across an abandoned crocodile egg. ..."

Incredible story here.

A robbery in New York.

So what's new about a robbery in New York you say? The sheer scale of this robbery.

Every registered voter in the state of New York was robbed of their right to vote on the definition of marriage in their state. Not only that, the robbers were so smooth that there are some that approve of this attack on democracy.

"... "The people of New York were robbed of the right to vote directly on this issue, and the legislature forced this on the state," he tells OneNewsNow. "And really, the blame lies with the Republican Party -- for those four Republicans deciding to abandon the principles of the Republican Party and betray their voters. That's what happened, and they're going to be held accountable."

"The poll shows that 57 percent of New York voters believe marriage should be defined only as one man and one woman," says Gallagher, "and that in addition, the vast majority -- I think it was close to 60 percent -- said that they think the people of New York should have the right to decide this issue, not the legislature." ..."

Story here.

Friday, June 24, 2011

How Matthew Shepard REALLY died.

It's been said that a lie can get around the world before the truth can get its shoes on.

Today, I stumbled upon information that the man primarily responsible for Matthew Shepard’s death was a man named Aaron McKinney, a member of the glbt community. Incredible.

"...21-year-old Matthew Shepard was picked up by two other 21-year-old guys at a bar the night of his beating. Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson were doing methamphetamine and were looking to rob Matthew Shepard who was drunk at the bar. While Henderson was driving, the story goes, Shepard made a pass at McKinney by touching his leg. At this point, McKinney, who’d been awake for a week on meth, lost it and hit Shepard with a pistol. Soon after, he told Henderson to pull over, and the beating at the fence proceeded.

Initially, McKinney used the “gay panic defense” to suggest that he lost his mind when Shepard made a pass at him, but we later find that McKinney was a bisexual who actually knew Matthew Shepard. Did he really panic when Shepard made a pass at him or did he react violently out of anger that Shepard was in the process of outing his secret homosexual life in front of Henderson? Henderson, by most accounts, was just the wheelman who tied Shepard to the fence and didn’t do enough to stop McKinney who was out of his mind on meth.

Tom O’Connor, the limo driver who Shepard occasionally hired, had a lot to say. He knew both Matthew Shepard and Aaron McKinney. He said that a few days before his death, Sheppard told him that he’d discovered he was HIV positive, which is something many homosexuals discover. He’d also claimed that McKinney was definitely bisexual because he, himself, had participated in a three-person sex act with McKinney. McKinney’s girlfriend also suggested that McKinney had repeatedly tried to get her to let one of his male friends join them in their escapades. ..."

This story is a bit of a read, but the information in it (including how Matthew Shepard's killer became gay) is shocking.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


If it's wrong to fire someone for being gay or for their support of same-sex marriage, isn't it also wrong to fire someone for their support of true marriage?
This man was fired for his support of true marriage.

"..."The guy who saw the book never read it -- he just didn't like the fact that I was against same-sex marriage," Turek tells OneNewsNow. "And he told the in-charge director there about it and they fired me within hours, without ever even looking at the book or even ever asking me a question. They just fired me without ever talking to me."

Turek says he challenged Nagel about how he could be fired for embracing a conservative worldview which was never discussed in the workplace, but contends he was only given platitudes about the "inclusive" work environment of Cisco.

"She wouldn't recognize the fact that there is a systemic problem in the culture -- it's not inclusive and diverse," Turek argues. "'Inclusion and diversity' only means if you agree with us, you'll be included. That's not inclusion -- and it's certainly not diversity." ..."

Story about anti-Christ bigotry here.

The gay-friendly skies above San Francisco.

Apparently, in San Francisco’s International Airport, you can board and fly US Airways in your underwear...but ONLY if you have a gay
<----appearance. If you are NOT gay, you will be held to a higher standard.

Apparently, US Airways is more afraid of being called “homophobic” than being called racist. Yet another difference between race and sexual behavior. Sick, sad story here.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sex "change" regret.

Well. This one's kind of predictable to those with sexual sanity...

This man, Walt Heyer, thought he wanted to be a woman, had his dingus surgically removed, then realized that he made a terrible mistake. He is now in love with and married to a woman, and trying to prevent other, pre-op, male-to-female "transgenders," from making the same mistake that he did.

Walt Heyer writes...

"... Changing genders is zany, exciting and fun at first, but many of us have discovered right away or years after changing genders that our lives turn to disappointment, sorrow and regret. The evidence of this extreme regret can be found in the staggering suicide rate for transgenders, reported to be 30 to 40%.

I am back to living as a male and I am happily married to a woman. But anatomically I'm not a male; I can't be. My birth record was changed and says female. My passport says male. This surgery is absolutely destructive. In fact, it is categorically impossible to change someone's gender.

There are a lot of males without male genitalia who are struggling terribly with this. And at least fifty percent of these surgeries are failures in some way. Your body is mutilated. It's not a good thing. It's a horrible thing.

Homosexuals, lesbians and transgenders were not born that way, no, not at all. Despite an enormous amount of research being done, no scientific evidence can be found to substantiate this view, yet it is reported as fact. My new book, Paper Genders, provides a well-researched look in the homosexual activist movement and how everyone, including the media, runs and hides from this group of bullies and sexual predators.

The question is: Who has the courage and conviction to stand up for our young kids and our families? ..."

In my internet manifesto, I cover how childhood experiences launch a person into the glbt community. Mr. Walt Heyer's experience in the glbt community supports the information in my manifesto. Then there's his news concerning the shocking statistic that a "transgendered" person is 25 times more likely to attempt suicide than a heterosexual.

My supporting data is here, and here.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The difference between race and homosexuality.

A person's sexuality can change; there are ex-gays in this world. Gender and skin color are innate, but, in the wrong circumstances, a person's sexuality can change from it's normal state.

Homofascists are now intentionally trampling the civil rights of parents by telling children in public schools that homosexuality is innate, WITHOUT parental consent. The African-American civil-rights movement didn't go after people's children behind the backs of their parents.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Gay Girl in Damascus? NOT!!

What's the problem here? Isn't every man essentially a lesbian (happily) trapped in a man's body? I haven't laughed like this in weeks! Click here for more.

The gay Empire Strikes Back.

<---HomoSith Judges Vaughn Walker (seated) and James Ware.

The first sentence that came to my mind when Judge James Ware upheld Judge Vaughn Walker's self-serving prop 8 ruling was...

"So this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause." -Padme Amidala/Episode III

Once again, the false comparison between race, gender, and sexual sin has eclipsed the fact that Judge Walker stood to gain personally from his decision to throw out the legal votes of over seven million Californians.

"...In his 19-page decision — a response to the first attempt in the nation to disqualify a judge based on sexual orientation — Ware had a bigger message. Gay judges, he said, are just like minority and female jurists: They can be impartial, too, even in cases that might affect them. .."

Homosexuality is a state of mind/emotion, and membership in the glbt community is voluntary, it is not innate like the gender and skin color that comes with birth. Although homosexuality is not an overnight choice, being "gay" is a matter of choice; the end result of a series of choices, like heroin addiction. Although I recognize that a heroin addict has all of the same civil rights that I do, I will not support the lifestyle of a heroin addict as I do not support the glbt community. Nor do I hate the heroin addict since I know how they became an addict.

Seeing homosexuality as innate is where Judge Ware(-is-his-common-sense!) got it wrong. Info here.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Polygamous Federal Judge redefines marriage.

If you replace the word "gay" with "polygamous," how wrong it would be if a Federal judge that was in a sexual, romantic relationship with multiple women, threw out a majority vote that defined marriage as being between one man and one woman, right before his retirement?

How long would his decision stand since he clearly benefits from his own judicial decision? Would I be called "polyphobic" for speaking out against his obvious misconduct? Weren't the Mormons stopped from practicing polygamy by the American law the defines marriage as being between one man and one woman? Do the members of the glbt community consider themselves above the law?

Story here and here.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Gay Irish Presidential candidate supports pedophilia.

This man, Mr. David Norris, thinks that a child should be able to consent to having sex with an adult. Although I know that all gay men aren't pederasts or pedophiles, I also know that many homosexual men desire sex with young, if not underage, boys. From what I've seen, there are more homosexuals that support pederasty than those that don't. And it does stand to reason that adults that abandon sexual boundaries are a greater danger to children than those that don't. That's just common sense.

Story here and here.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Challenging homofascism and homosexism.

<-----This is the core goal of the glbt community. It's not even hidden anymore. It's not even deniable anymore. Violating the civil rights of parents that don't support the sexual activities of gays, is the prime goal of the glbt community. How can the gay community and their worshippers cry out so loudly about the civil rights of gays and then turn around and so blatantly violate the rights of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim parents?

Parents whose children attend this Canadian school do not have the option of excluding their children from this indoctrination of sexual sin. I have no conversation for those who support this trampling of parental rights. How would the glbt community react if classes that taught Christian principles to their children were mandatory? Are any gay people even embarrassed about this?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Homofascists attack N.Y. State Senator Ruben Diaz.

Homosexual activists want to kill him and "sexually assault" his daughter because New York State Senator Ruben Diaz stands for Jesus Christ's definition of marriage; which is between one man and one woman.

How is this not homofascism? How is this not homointolerance? What kind of a society do I live in where a man's life and daughter are threatened because of his stand for sexual sanity? What percentage of the glbt community supports the murder of Senator Diaz and the sexual assault of his daughter?

“...The entire campaign to enact same-sex marriage is conducted under a banner of acceptance, and equality and respect for others,” Barnes continued. “Yet behind that banner of tolerance is another campaign – of intimidation, threats and ugliness. What at first appears to be simple juvenile behavior by a few is becoming a culture and climate of abusiveness toward those who disagree. ..”

Story here.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The gay Trojan horse.

Who in their right mind would disagree with the phrase, "anti-bullying"? No one right? I mean bullying is something that we all can relate to. Everyone has experienced bullying in some way or another. This very blog came into being as my response to anti-Christ, anti-hetero, homofascist bullying that I encountered on a chat website.

That being said, I also know(most of the time), when someone is trying to sell me Trojan horses**t. "Anti-bullying" is now the phrase that slays the civil rights of parents that don't support the sexual antics of the glbt community.

"...While bullying is harmful and always has been, it is an even greater harm that anti-bullying policies have been hijacked by a political agenda for the purpose of promoting homosexual behavior and insulating it from public debate and discussion. Forbidding debate about homosexual behavior in schools attacks our country’s rich tradition of encouraging the open examination of ideas. Sometimes that discourse is uncomfortable and even offensive, testing the very foundation of our identity. But in the end, it is the only way for the truth to prevail. .."

"...We should not confuse acts of intimidation and violence with legitimate debate, on or off the playground. And we should not shroud censorship and political correctness with anti-bullying policies designed to intimidate opposition into silent submission. .."

My supporting evidence is here.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Classic homointolerance.

This is a classic example of the, support-homosexuality-or-else mindset of most of the glbt community. If the situation was reversed, and someone attacked an anti-Christ, pro-gay banner, they would be tackled to the ground by police. I'll bet that the homofascist attacker is never prosecuted for his actions either, like an "anti-gay" person would be if the situation was reversed.

If, twenty-five years ago, someone had taken me to into the future and shown me this event, I would've thought, Why is this group stating the obvious about marriage? And, Is this guy (the attacker) some sort of deranged polygamist or something?

More info here.

Letter by an ex-gay to his dad.

In my Internet manifesto, I write about the "Stockholm" homosexual; the gay man/male who was seduced into homosexuality by an older homosexual. I also cover how misbonding with his father can put a young boy on the path to the glbt community. The following letter, written by a former homosexual illuminates some of the strongest points of my Internet manifesto.

Dear Dad,

I need to read this important letter I have written to you in order to explain some important things about my life, the love and respect I have for you, and (in spite of that love and admiration) the disconnection I have felt from you throughout my life. I am so thankful we have this time to be together on this trip so I can share my authentic feelings with you. I am hopeful that this will be a powerful experience for both of us and lead us to a much deeper and more fulfilling relationship. Please let me finish the letter before we discuss the individual parts of it.

Dad, let me start off by reminding you of the conversation I shared with you and mom two years ago when I revealed my sexual abuse as a child and alluded to struggling with same sex attraction (SSA). As you may, or may not, know there are several precipitating factors (or constellation of variables), which create the environment where a person adapts his romantic emotions toward those of the same sex rather than those of the opposite sex. One of the essential risk factors leading to same sex attraction is sexual abuse, something that occurred to me at age of 4. That event gave me a misguided understanding about love and actually directly contributed to something called "defensive detachment"—something I learned about in my healing work. "Defensive detachment" occurs when a child disidentifies from his father, based on actual or perceived rejection. Let me explain how this concept applies to our relationship.

When my Uncle invited me to perform oral sex on him, as a 4 year old, I thought it was fun and thus internalized a belief that performing such an act on a man's penis is what love must be about. A few years later, I was with you and you were casually peeing in front of me. Seeing your private part exposed brought my childish mind back to the sexual abuse (which I did not perceive as abuse.) I immediately went to you, hugged you, and said, "I love you, Daddy." Clueless as to why I was doing that while your private part was exposed, and obviously wanting to make sure that you did not pee on me, you pushed me away and said something to the effect of "not now son!" I misperceived that very correct behavior on your part as your rejection of me. In turn, that event was a contributory factor in my defensive detachment of you.

However, my misperception of your statement was not the only factor involved. Dad, while I was growing up, I never really felt truly connected or close to you. Indeed, being emotionally distant from you was not what I really wanted—I wanted to feel and be close to you. Unfortunately, I can't remember if I ever expressed that to you (other than at age 5 or 6 when I was pushed away).

Objectively, you were never a "bad father." You spent a great deal of time supporting the family ... although I perceived your focus on work as a neglect of me. You were gone a lot from the home. Even when you were home, I did not perceive you as being there for me. You would be on the phone or paying attention to something else. Not perceiving your emotional presence, I further detached from you as a defensive reaction to avoid pain and perceived further emotional rejection or wounding. Even when you had time to make it to the occasional camping trips we took, we still never authentically connected. Eventually I stopped seeing you as my Dad, the person to whom I could go to for emotional support, and more simply saw you as just the man with whom I shared a house.

We did share a handful of common interests so we could do something together that both of us would enjoy, but even then, we still had difficulty authentically connecting. And in many cases, your efforts to work with me or teach me masculine skills had the opposite effect. For example, because I lacked a great deal of interest in sports, your efforts to bond with me on a basketball court or on a golf course further separated us rather than bring us closer together. In many cases, your active and excitable personality (which in most cases may be seen as a positive characteristic) was mistaken by me for anger directed toward me. Thus in an effort to protect myself further, I detached even more, drawing further away from you. While I now appreciate how determined you were to teach me how to ride a bike, my timid nature made me afraid to do so and at that time I misperceived your behavior as disapproval directed toward me.

I know you never intended to push me away. You never intended that the lack of a deep relationship between us would contribute to the difficult burden I carry today. This is not your fault because you didn't intend for this to happen. What I want you to know is that I have been searching for something I felt I was lacking in every male friendship I've had. I always said I wanted a best friend. I have always (and in some ways continue) to look for that. Sadly, the truth goes deeper; I wasn't just looking for my friends we left in Pennsylvania or someone I could trust, in truth, I was really looking for what I missed in you.

Sometimes my heart was hardened towards you. Sometimes I was just apathetic. At this time, I want you to know my heart honors you and is open toward you. I want the hills and witnesses to echo this truth: Dad, I forgive you. I forgive you because I love you. I forgive you because I've forgiven myself. I forgive you because I honor you.

To forgive you and to forgive myself is absolutely essential if we are to truly connect as father and son. It permits my inner child to make whole once again what was broken and to make clean what was soiled. Forgiveness is more than reconciliation. It permits me to let go of the resentment of either a real or imagined wrong or indifference. I pray that you in turn can forgive me so we can make a fresh start together as father and son and as best friends.

Please understand that you raised a son who emulated many of his father's qualities. Your example made me into a mighty man. Your work ethic is something I will always admire. Your commitments to God Almighty have given me an inner strength and determination to follow God's will. Without your example, I simply could not have carried on in this life. While you may have unconsciously fed and raised a dragon inside of me, you also provided me with an example of how a proud warrior gains the strength to slay the dragon rather than be consumed by it.

I hope you fully understand the message of this letter. Dad, thank you. I love you. I hope you can see this love that a son has for his father, one that you may not have seen before. You have honored me for being a man of God, for my charity, for my dedication to truth, for selfless service, and for aspiring to be myself. Although you may honor me, it is I who honors you. I love you Dad.

Your son forever,


Friday, June 3, 2011

A unique proposal for true marriage.

Where did "gay rights" go wrong?

Once again, a homofascist explains why he must violate the rights of parents who don't support the sexual activities of the glbt community. Once again, any disagreement with the gay lifestyle is falsely labeled as "hate." I don't get it. I can figure out how to teach kids not to bully each other without glorifying any sexual orientation. How come gay "activists" can't?

I think that this mindset is how the glbt community is going to loose credibility in the eyes of those that are undecided concerning the normalcy of homosexuality. Going after children behind the backs of their parents concerning sexual activity is absolutely evil.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Gender Spectrum" in your rectum.

Under the cloak of anti-bullying (which can be taught without violating the civil rights of Christian parents and glorifying homosexuality), these children were exposed to anti-hetero propaganda, WITHOUT the consent of their parents. This is what the vast majority of the glbt community wants. Teaching children that gender is a "spectrum."

Original info here.