Tuesday, October 23, 2018

A man wins a women's cycling competition.

How did this happen?  Why was this man allowed to compete with women?  Why do people who speak out against the absurdness of "transgender" people lose their jobs?  Where I work, a man uses the women's restroom, and it's against the law for women to speak out against it.  How insane that "gender expression" is protected by law. 

On the rare occasion that I'm with my wife and she has to use the women's room, I wait for her by the door with the intent to follow any man that enters the restroom that she's in.

It is amazing that glbt propaganda has twisted the minds of so many.  Even though I can lay out my reasons, one by one, for walking away from inappropriate behavior, there are people who want to punish me for simply walking away from the glbt community.

It is just plain wrong for a man to be in a women's cycling competition.  He is not a woman, and he never will be.  Hasn't anyone told him this?

"... The Daily Wire's Matt Walsh argued on Wednesday that McKinnon's victory is another reminder that "transgender rights" will always trump women's rights for those on the Left.

"It turns out that the Left does not treat all victim groups equally. Some victims are more important than others," writes Walsh. "There is a hierarchy of victims, in fact, and LGBT folks sit at the very top of it. Their claims of victimhood trump all other claims. Their desires and demands come before everything else. A woman's claim to privacy and agency ends where the demands of the LGBT camp begin. She is entitled to be heard and respected only up to the point that her thoughts and feelings might be inconvenient to the aims of the gay lobby. Her womanhood is treated as something unique, special, and beautiful, right until a man slaps on a wig and changes his name to Rachel. Then, suddenly, unceremoniously, womanhood is an utterly meaningless, superficial thing that any man can appropriate for himself." …"

Sad, sick story here and here.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Elementary school's transgender policy allows a boy to sexually assault a girl in a girl's bathroom.

The video above is the most powerful case against males in female restrooms that I've seen in at least six years.

Once again, school officials are more afraid of the homofascists in the glbt community than they are of right-minded parents who don't want males in the restrooms or locker rooms used by their daughters.  Parents who's children go to this elementary school were not notified that males would be allowed in with their daughters in bathrooms and locker rooms.

Is it not wisdom to design school bathrooms so that only one person can enter at a time?  Why not make many, one-person bathrooms in a rectangular or circular building, with doors only on the outside, in order to protect girls (and boys) from predatory males?  With all of this feminist talk about "toxic masculinity," why are males allowed in places where females are undressing? 

Males having access to undressing females in their bathrooms and dressing rooms is absurd, yet very few people have the courage to stand up to the glbt community.

“… The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) of the U.S. Department of Education has opened an investigation into a Georgia elementary school for its handling of a sexual assault that allegedly took place in an elementary school bathroom after a district-wide policy was enacted allowing male students to enter the girls’ bathroom.

… Pascha Thomas’s five-year-old daughter complained of vaginal pain. That’s when her daughter said she had been sexually assaulted by a male classmate in the bathroom at Oakhurst Elementary School in Decatur, Georgia earlier that week.

… “pushed her against a wall, pushed his hand between her legs, and repeatedly felt and poked at her genitals while she struggled and called out for him to stop. No one came to help.”

… Pascha says they dodged her repeated calls and ignored her requests to speak with them. When they finally agreed to meet with her on December 8, Pascha learned the boy her daughter says assaulted her identifies as “gender fluid.” He had been allowed to use the girl’s bathroom due to a district-wide policy change that allowed students to use whatever bathroom they felt was “correct,” and that the policy would remain in place — allowing him to continue using the same restroom as her daughter.

… the policy remains in place to this day.

… Without informing the students’ parents, Decatur Schools Superintendent David Dude sent a district-wide e-mail to staff ordering them to allow male students to use the girls’ restrooms and locker rooms and participate in girl’s athletics if they choose.

… “Title IX explicitly prohibits schools from creating sexually hostile environments,” said Christiana Holcomb of the Alliance Defending Freedom, which is representing Pascha.  Pascha says Oakhurst Elementary never told parents a boy who identified as “gender fluid” was allowed to use the girls’ restroom.

… Pascha has enrolled her daughter in another school to ensure that she does not experience further retribution. The little girl remains traumatized and will need counseling for many more years, …”

Full, heartbreaking story here.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Transdelusionality in Britan's Girl Guides.

Yep. If my young daughter was going on a camping trip where men or boys would be able to observe her showering or undressing, or had access to her while she was sleeping, I would DEFINITELY want to know about it. But, in today’s glbt deceived world, I am nothing but a “transphobic bigot,” and, therefore, my parental rights can be ignored and trampled. This is why I fight glbt propaganda.

This story broke through the incredibly high, ceiling-of-absurdity that causes me to blog. I was amazed at the severity of the transdelusionality of this story.

Human males who think that they’re human females are delusional, and sometimes a danger to girls and women. It is an abandonment of wisdom and common-sense to support gender-dysphoria, especially when it comes to the safety of children. It is cowardice to remain silent when the glbt community endangers children.

“…In a story so shocking that some actually didn’t believe it…

…Boys who identified as girls were permitted to share female facilities, including the bathroom, changing rooms, and showers. In other words, boys with fully functioning penises would be permitted to shower with the girls.

…these new guidelines opened up the possibility of predatory men being able to see girls showering as well as potentially sharing tents with them.

…the Girl Guides decided that leaders like Watts would not be permitted to tell parents or the girls themselves if one of the “girls” or leaders was actually a biological male. Girls joining an all-girls organization, in other words, could not be sure that those they were sharing a tent with were actually anatomically female, and parents would not be informed if the nice lady running the Girl Guides group was actually a biological male with a fully functioning set of male genitalia.

… “But the extremes the Guides were going to was putting children in danger and I was not alone in believing this. I just could not remain silent.”

…they approached Watts with a “pre-prepared confession” to sign, and when Watts declined to put her name to it, they promptly fired her.

…did not address the question of biological males being permitted into tents and showers with the girls—or why the Girl Guides had decided that parents should be kept in the dark as a matter of policy.

…But if you are a veteran Girl Guides leader who accepted the transgender transformation of the organization but simply wants to be sure that the girls will be safe from predatory men potentially using these rules to gain access to vulnerable girls and believes that refusing to tell parents what is going on is dangerous, then you are promptly booted as a bigot. …”

Full, amazingly surreal story, here.