Tuesday, October 23, 2018

A man wins a women's cycling competition.

How did this happen?  Why was this man allowed to compete with women?  Why do people who speak out against the absurdness of "transgender" people lose their jobs?  Where I work, a man uses the women's restroom, and it's against the law for women to speak out against it.  How insane that "gender expression" is protected by law. 

On the rare occasion that I'm with my wife and she has to use the women's room, I wait for her by the door with the intent to follow any man that enters the restroom that she's in.

It is amazing that glbt propaganda has twisted the minds of so many.  Even though I can lay out my reasons, one by one, for walking away from inappropriate behavior, there are people who want to punish me for simply walking away from the glbt community.

It is just plain wrong for a man to be in a women's cycling competition.  He is not a woman, and he never will be.  Hasn't anyone told him this?

"... The Daily Wire's Matt Walsh argued on Wednesday that McKinnon's victory is another reminder that "transgender rights" will always trump women's rights for those on the Left.

"It turns out that the Left does not treat all victim groups equally. Some victims are more important than others," writes Walsh. "There is a hierarchy of victims, in fact, and LGBT folks sit at the very top of it. Their claims of victimhood trump all other claims. Their desires and demands come before everything else. A woman's claim to privacy and agency ends where the demands of the LGBT camp begin. She is entitled to be heard and respected only up to the point that her thoughts and feelings might be inconvenient to the aims of the gay lobby. Her womanhood is treated as something unique, special, and beautiful, right until a man slaps on a wig and changes his name to Rachel. Then, suddenly, unceremoniously, womanhood is an utterly meaningless, superficial thing that any man can appropriate for himself." …"

Sad, sick story here and here.

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