Thursday, October 4, 2018

Transdelusionality in Britan's Girl Guides.

Yep. If my young daughter was going on a camping trip where men or boys would be able to observe her showering or undressing, or had access to her while she was sleeping, I would DEFINITELY want to know about it. But, in today’s glbt deceived world, I am nothing but a “transphobic bigot,” and, therefore, my parental rights can be ignored and trampled. This is why I fight glbt propaganda.

This story broke through the incredibly high, ceiling-of-absurdity that causes me to blog. I was amazed at the severity of the transdelusionality of this story.

Human males who think that they’re human females are delusional, and sometimes a danger to girls and women. It is an abandonment of wisdom and common-sense to support gender-dysphoria, especially when it comes to the safety of children. It is cowardice to remain silent when the glbt community endangers children.

“…In a story so shocking that some actually didn’t believe it…

…Boys who identified as girls were permitted to share female facilities, including the bathroom, changing rooms, and showers. In other words, boys with fully functioning penises would be permitted to shower with the girls.

…these new guidelines opened up the possibility of predatory men being able to see girls showering as well as potentially sharing tents with them.

…the Girl Guides decided that leaders like Watts would not be permitted to tell parents or the girls themselves if one of the “girls” or leaders was actually a biological male. Girls joining an all-girls organization, in other words, could not be sure that those they were sharing a tent with were actually anatomically female, and parents would not be informed if the nice lady running the Girl Guides group was actually a biological male with a fully functioning set of male genitalia.

… “But the extremes the Guides were going to was putting children in danger and I was not alone in believing this. I just could not remain silent.”

…they approached Watts with a “pre-prepared confession” to sign, and when Watts declined to put her name to it, they promptly fired her.

…did not address the question of biological males being permitted into tents and showers with the girls—or why the Girl Guides had decided that parents should be kept in the dark as a matter of policy.

…But if you are a veteran Girl Guides leader who accepted the transgender transformation of the organization but simply wants to be sure that the girls will be safe from predatory men potentially using these rules to gain access to vulnerable girls and believes that refusing to tell parents what is going on is dangerous, then you are promptly booted as a bigot. …”

Full, amazingly surreal story, here.

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