Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The importance of the definition of marriage.

Will marriage be outlawed altogether someday because of the current push to redefine it?  If I fall in love with my sister and get a vasectomy, can we marry?  Why not?  I would want nothing more than what a homosexual couple is asking for, so why not?  Do I not have a Constitutional right to the pursuit of happiness?  Who would we be harming by our marriage?

Monday, June 9, 2014

Baker refuses to participate in false wedding. (Updated 14 June 2014.)

A true Christian would refuse to bake a wedding cake if he knew that the man and woman getting married were sterile siblings or blood relatives or wrongly divorced.  A true Christian would also refuse to bake a cake for a polygamist or a same-sex couple.

This man, Mr. Jack Phillips, is dead on point with what the Lord Jesus Christ would do and want His followers to do; NOT deny service to the glbt community, but refuse to participate in a same-sex "wedding."  The gay community is in an uproar over the truth.  The truth is that it is wrong to have a romantic/sexual relationship with someone of your same sex.  But, if people have the right to be wrong, don't I have the right to walk away from them because of their behavior?  There are those who would force people like me to undergo "sensitivity training" for my heteroseparatist mindset.

Has a homosexual ever been ordered to attend sensitivity training for offending a true Christian?

More info here and here.

Monday, June 2, 2014

"Black" vs. "gay" (Yet again.)

One of the reasons that I love the Word of God so much is that it keeps me from being deceived by clever speech.  Clever speech keeps many people from being able to discern the differences between the words "black" and "gay." 

The word "black" says nothing about a person's character.  Can that be said about the word "gay"?