Monday, June 9, 2014

Baker refuses to participate in false wedding. (Updated 14 June 2014.)

A true Christian would refuse to bake a wedding cake if he knew that the man and woman getting married were sterile siblings or blood relatives or wrongly divorced.  A true Christian would also refuse to bake a cake for a polygamist or a same-sex couple.

This man, Mr. Jack Phillips, is dead on point with what the Lord Jesus Christ would do and want His followers to do; NOT deny service to the glbt community, but refuse to participate in a same-sex "wedding."  The gay community is in an uproar over the truth.  The truth is that it is wrong to have a romantic/sexual relationship with someone of your same sex.  But, if people have the right to be wrong, don't I have the right to walk away from them because of their behavior?  There are those who would force people like me to undergo "sensitivity training" for my heteroseparatist mindset.

Has a homosexual ever been ordered to attend sensitivity training for offending a true Christian?

More info here and here.

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