Sunday, October 27, 2013

Gay waiter insulted, Christians wrongly blamed.

What a setup!  NO true Christian would go out of their way to insult a homosexual like this couple did.  When did this insulting couple claim to be Christians?  And where is the actual picture of the written remarks? 

Also, a person cannot remain a member of the glbt community and also be a Christian.  One cannot be a member of God's family and embrace sexual sin; being a member of the glbt community is embracing sexual sin.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Fertility health insurance coverage for same-sex couples !?!

So, once again, I have a piece of irrefutable evidence that proves the insanity of those who support the sexual activities of the glbt community and the redefinition of marriage.  The biological reality that it takes a human male and a human female to make a human child is just plain ignored.  I never thought that this scenario would become a reality, but, sadly, it has.

What kind of a world do I live in where a man can "marry" another man, sodomize that man for a year, and then go to his employer or the employer of his penis-having "wife," and be awarded money for infertility treatments?  Can anyone see how this new law would make an employer less likely to hire a homosexual or a lesbian?  Is there anyone who would dare defend this absurd new law?  Can anyone question my logical divorce from the insane concept of same-sex "marriage"?

When you're grounded by the Word of God you are largely unaffected by the voltage of homofascism.

Link to absurd info here.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kaitlyn Hunt still defiant.

Anti-hetero people know hardly any boundaries.  This lesbian still has no remorse for the emotional anguish that she has caused the parents of her under aged victim.   

Monday, October 7, 2013

Author of "The Book of Matt" under attack. (What a shock!)

The murderer of Matthew Shepard was a member of the glbt community
Once again, the creation of brings me joy.  It was so stupid of the glbt community to decide to attack me.  Now shining the light on homofascism gives me great satisfaction and not even the most powerful gays in the world dare even mention the word "heteroseparatist" or my blog.  Even deleting the comments of homofascist cyberstalkers that don't even have to read my blog brings me joy!
Today, whilst on cyberpatrol, I discovered this jewel from a Facebook friend.  I wasn't surprised to find out that Matthew Shepard had been molested as a child and was himself a child molester.  

“… A heretic is loose in the Church of Matthew Shepard, and the Church is out to get him.

…Faith in Matthew includes belief in the narrative that was cooked up within hours of his attack—that he was a pure victim of his homosexuality perpetrated by evil homophobes, indeed perpetrated by the hatred of the Christian right and the whole of America.

…Anyone deviating from this faith must burn at the stake. In this case, the heretic is gay journalist Stephen Jiminez, whose explosive Book of Matt has just been published by Steerforth Press.

…Jiminez’s “reporting style” is exhaustive and detailed. …more than 111 named sources listed in the back of the book, along with 20 sources who insisted upon anonymity, mostly for reasons of personal safety.

…an ugly story about how methamphetamine had slowly overtaken Laramie and much of Wyoming—how Matthew Shepard allegedly succumbed to it by becoming a member of a dangerous drug cartel working out of Denver and one of the principle suppliers of meth to Laramie. According to Jiminez, Shepard also became a dedicated user, along with his buddy and sometime sex partner Aaron McKinney, who later killed him.

…Media Matters hopes that no one actually reads the book. Comparing this review to the book makes you wonder whether Brinker actually read it.

…why someone, particularly a law enforcement officer, would fear for his family’s life over a simple homophobic murder where the killers are already serving life sentences. In fact, Jiminez’s investigation showed that Shepard was allegedly involved in a highly-organized and dangerous criminal drug enterprise and that lives were in danger.

…Shepard knew his killer, did and sold drugs with his killer, and had sex with his killer. The evidence does not interest Media Matters, but there is plenty of it.

…“I knew from the beginning the whole thing was a lie and a coverup. Aaron didn’t hate Matthew for being gay. They were friends, for god’s sake.” Baker and Stephanie both describe a scene in the limo and later at Doc’s house where they say Shepard, his “homophobic” killer McKinney, and Doc participated in a threesome.

…Matt and Aaron had sex while doing drugs in Doc’s limo.” He also reported that Matt would trade sex for drugs with Aaron and that "Aaron screwed Matt at least five times that I know of."

…McKinney’s girlfriend Kirsten Price asserts they cooked the whole thing up the night of the murder. "I don't think it was a hate crime at all," she told ABC News. "I never did." The hate crime claim also was asserted by two of Shepard’s friends, Alex Trout and Walt Boulden, who "began spreading the word," according to that same ABC report.

…Each of them had a reason to promote this theory: Matt’s friends in order to advance the myth, and Aaron in order to save himself without getting clipped by his drug masters.

…If McKinney testified to the drug angle, he put himself in danger from his drug bosses in Denver. They would have killed him in prison.

…the early interview was part of the gay defense he ginned up in the hours before his arrest.

…The story of Matthew Shepard’s life and death is ugly beyond belief. Jiminez states that he was sexually abused several times as a boy. He also reveals that Shepard himself was arrested for sexually abusing boys in his neighborhood. Shepard battled most of his life with depression, anxiety, drug abuse, alcoholism, and dangerous sexual activity,

…He was HIV positive.

Full article here.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cool video.

Protecting gay child molesters.

People are STILL protecting Kaitlyn Hunt just so no one can call them "homophobic."  Some people are so afraid of the glbt community that they will defend child molestation!  This is why I blog about my separation from all things "gay," and all people who support the redefinition of marriage.  When a person rejects sexual normalcy, they become a danger to children... plain and simple.

Story here and here.