Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Operation Pushback.

My beloved readers. Welcome. And thanks for showing up. I've decided to conduct an experiment/operation, and I need your help.

In August 2007, I created the word "heteroseparatist" to separate from those who worship homosexuality, those who joined the glbt community, and also those who want to harm gays.

I though that my word and the definition thereof would be enough to silence any homofascist attacks and false accusations of "homophobia," since I denounced any intention to persecute gays. I made this clear in my Internet manifesto. Yet there remains a former homoSith (Darth Tush?) that still, for some reason, reads my blog diligently when I have stopped reading his over ten months ago. I think he's jealous of my originality and upset at how his homosophistry has been so ineffective against me.

He goes by many names; Rob Tish, Rob Tisinai, "anonymous," "Squarejaw," "The truth behind the facade," and "The truth you have to see." He's quite amusing.

A story out of the Bible shines the light of the Lord on the conduct of Rob Tish. The parable is in the book of Matthew and it is about how man B gets mad at man A and creeps into the freshly planted garden of man A, while everybody in their neighboorhood is sleeping, and plants weed seeds next to man A's wheat seeds.

Anyhow, I'm asking my readers to consider this parable, told by Jesus Christ himself, then go here and vote however they see fit. I'm curious to see what happens. Also, look at how Rob Tish's definition is in the number one spot when my original definition is all the way in the number four spot. Shouldn't my original entry be in the number one spot? Or the latest definition be in the number one spot? What's going on at Urban Dictionary?

I plan on posting the "before" and "after" numbers concerning, "The truth behind the facade," a few days or weeks from today. I also plan to conduct this experiment again after the start of my advertising campaign, but I will launch phase 1 now due to the increased traffic on my blog.

To show to his supporters what Rob Tish is all about, I will rename the Tishini formula to, "Mantronikk's formula," IF Rob Tish will renounce, in the comment section of this post, how some in the glbt community want to recruit children INTO the glbt community WITHOUT the consent or knowledge of their parents. If he continues to refuse to do so, it will clearly show that he is all talk when it comes to,"Protect the Children (and mean it)."

Help me fight homofascism!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

R. I. P. Irvin Kershner.

I am somewhat ashamed of myself today. I have been an avid fan of science fiction/fantasy since 1968, and just today I learned that Irvin Kershner also directed Robocop II, from which I have chosen my avatar.

One of the most, if not the most, famous scenes of the Star Wars franchise unfolded under Mr. Kershner's command; Darth Vader telling Luke Skywalker, "Nooo. I am your father!" OMG. Click here.

How homosexual "marriage" affects children.

When Jesus' definition of marriage is deviated from, children suffer. Plain and simple.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Homofascism over gay vultures! Really?

I understand that most of the glbt community just wants to be left alone and treated with dignity. That's very understandable and reasonable and something I have no problem complying with. I have no problem leaving gays alone; heteroseparatist is my creation. I defend myself from homofascism, I don't attack homosexuals.

That being said, doesn't the lunatic fringe of the gay community know that they damage the credibility of the entire glbt community when they get all puffed-up over two, gay-acting vultures! OMG this is funny!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Will boy-toy Choi get to deploy?

Looks like DADT is going to die with, reportedly, 70% of American service members being okay with homosexuality.

Also, yet again, the differences between race, gender, and sexual conduct have been wrongly fused together in the minds of the undiscerning and the hearts of the brainwashed. Once again, perverted, sinful behavior has been equated to the morally-benign color of a person's skin. Once again, a man who doesn't want to be homosexually harassed in his military bunk or shower will be dismissed as "homophobic."

Will military personnel in "open" marriages be able to sleep around now? How can adultery remain forbidden in the UCMJ if open homosexuality is allowed, since some people are okay with open marriages?

Article here.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What gays want to teach children.

The glbt community is constantly crying out about just wanting to be treated with dignity and respect, and then turn around and force a classroom of kindergartners to view a film glorifying homosexuality without the consent or knowledge of their parents. This is the dark side of homofascism that I specialize in exposing.

"...children as young as kindergarten were being subjected to pro-LGBT films and instruction, with no notice or opportunity to opt out."

"...the film "Straightlaced," which extols homosexuality and transsexuality while attacking gender norms, was shown to Vallejo high school students this past Friday with no advance notice to parents."

Is this what the glbt community wants? Unfettered access to other people's children? Would gay "parents" tolerate people approaching their children without their consent? What would happen if a pro-Christianity film were shown to the children of gay "parents," in grade school, without any parental consent? How would the gay community react to that? Would the glbt parents be called, "Anti-Christ," for objecting to a Christian end-run around their parental rights? How come gays can do anything they want to children and still be protected?

My evidence is here.

Monday, November 22, 2010

High School teacher started conflict with "anti-gay" students.

It looks like this homofascist high school teacher, Mr. Jay McDowell, started the "discussion" that ended up with him kicking two Catholic students out of his class, by directly asking the two students their stand/opinion on homosexuality. Apparently, he became irate when the two students told him that homosexuality was something that they couldn't support. The two students didn't use derogatory, degrading, or threatening language, but their mere refusal to support the glbt lifestyle was enough for Mr. McDowell to twist-off and throw them out of his class. Classic homofascism. Classic. Click here for more info.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Is Lauren (the) Zombi a homofascist?

Look at the anti-hetero violence in this poster/art. Look at the "gayspeak" of this post.

It's author, Ms. Lauren Zombi, uses three of the six words that I spoke of in yesterday's post; "hate-speech," "intolerance," and "bigotry." Did I call it or what? How predictable. A classic, drive-by-style, false accusation.

I tried twice today to post responses on Ms. Zombi's blog entry to ask her how I was inspiring hate, but my comments won't show up. She is, of course, welcome to comment on my blog to explain to me just how I inspire the hatred of gays.

Will she show up here to point out my "hatred?" Of course she won't.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Does the glbt community hate free speech?

"Anti-gay," "homophobe," "bigot," "intolerant," "hate speech," "heterosexist,"... If you took these six words away from homofascists, they couldn't speak at all! Entire arguments have been boiled down to single words in the past twenty years of American culture, and these six words are like the bullets in a revolver in an old-school-style, gay western. And a homofascist, is the gun-slinger in that movie, walking around town looking for a gunfight.

Cultures from around the World are noticing this attack on free speech by some in the glbt community. "...The attacks on freedom of thought start with language," he wrote. "those who do not resign themselves to accept 'homophilia' ... are charged with 'homophobia'."

Click here.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Anti gay" students kicked out of class.

This high school teacher kicked two students out of his classroom for merely saying that they "didn't accept" homosexuality. So now, refusing to accept homosexuality as a normal thing, is enough to get you punished. This is precisely what my website is about; to shine the light of day on homofascism and homocensorship.

Apparently, these two students weren't bullying, or using derogatory terms to describe homosexuals, they merely spoke that they refused to support homosexuality and were punished for it. This is the true face of the gay agenda.

Story here.

Monday, November 15, 2010

What some gays do with children.

Look at this disgusting, vulgar, profanity-filled video and tell me I'm wrong for walking away from the glbt community.

Is this how gays raise children? To speak like this? To think that all of those who honor Jesus' definition of marriage are full of hate?

This is why I denounced hatred in the first two words of the tag-line of my logo. The glbt community continues to amaze me with the their behavior! Has anyone ever seen a video, produced by my Christian brothers and sisters where children are using this kind of language? And, if anyone can, I'll post the Biblical verses that condemn their misconduct! More on this homofascist video here and here.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Straight pride.

Why is it that offending gays is the only concern of some school administrations? "Gay Pride" activities and advertisements offend many people, yet any complaints about homosexual propaganda are just dismissed as "homophobia."

A group of kids decided to wear "Straight Pride" t-shirts at their school and met with resistance from their school. Why is it okay for a student to be proud to be gay, but not okay for a student to be proud to be straight? Info here.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Goodbye Amazon.com!!

You can bet that the CEO of Border's Books is doing some kind of happy dance right now due to all of the increased business that they're going to receive.

Just as Amazon.com has the right to offer a book that is a how-to guide for adult-on-child sexual contact, people have the right to never do business with Amazon.com ever again. I can't imagine ever doing business with them again. This is the kind of thing that happens when people don't want to be "judgemental," and turn their back on Biblical sexual boundaries.

An evil, wicked man named Phillip Greaves has written this book. Story here.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Folsom Street (Un)Fair.

There are four words that allow the glbt community to get away with anything. They are; "anti-gay," "homophobe," "intolerant," and "bigoted."

Today, I heard about two Yuba City, CA high-schoolers that were arrested for streaking at their school. And then I see this story about homosexual men having public, oral sex, in the view of children, and not being arrested or even cited by their local police. If this were a bunch of heterosexual college students behaving in this manner and having oral sex in public, wouldn't they all be cited or arrested?

You can't buy your child a happy meal in San Francisco, but you can, at the Folsom Street Fair, have oral sex with your gay lover, in public, in front of that same child! Is there anyone who doesn't see how absurd this is!?

Michigan assistant attorney general fired.

To speak out against homofascism is one thing, but to harass someone for being gay is wrong. Going to a person's house at 1:30am to harass them for being gay is, very probably, what got this guy fired. Story here.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I've sent this website an email requesting them to open up for comments on this page. Rob Tish still hasn't answered my, standing-since-28Jan.2010, challenge to disavow how some in the glbt community want to recruit children into their community without the knowledge of their parents. And my challenge came after he lied about me in his video by printing that I think all gays are molesters! Aren't all of my posts open for comments? Where is their courage?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Scooby Don't!

I commented on this horrific blog post yesterday or the day before yesterday. I wasn't going to post about it on my blog because it depressed my somewhat.

This is one of the ways a boy becomes a homosexual. This boy likes Daphne from the Scooby Doo cartoon and wanted to "be" her for Halloween. Neither one of this boys parents (his father actually supports this perversion!) have told him that it is wrong for him to want to be a female since he cannot ever be a female. But his parents are actually allowing this boy to over-relate to girls. This is how some males become gay. Parents who won't tell their kids about realty and gender differences. They probably don't want to be seen as "heterosexist" by their liberal peers, to the point that their would allow their son to grow up into homosexuality.

I can understand that the mother of this boy says that "She is going to love (her son) even if he becomes gay..." But I would have, if possible, quietly removed my child from this boy's presence since his parents have clearly rejected the boundaries of God and gender. Story here.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Heteroactivist voters.


Iowans oust anti-hetero judges.

Three, Iowa Supreme Court justices were sent packing yesterday by the voters of the State. This is good news since the judges ignored the State's Defence of Marriage Act and imposed homosexual "marriage" on the people of the state.

This is a typical tactic of homofascists; to confuse sexual behavior with race, and see themselves as rescuing a downtrodden minority. Through clever arguments, the glbt community has stolen the nobility of the civil-rights movement of the African-American community.
"Iowa's Defense of Marriage act...specified one man one woman marriages, so the justices actually were violating the law they were sworn to uphold." Info here.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Anti-Christ adoption agency.

An adoption agency in the United Kingdom is refusing to allow a Christian couple to adopt a child because they are Christians and refuse to normalize homosexuality to that child. And this couple has already raised 20 adopted children! This is a clear case of homotalitarainism.

This would not happen to a gay couple that refused to allow their child to embrace Christianity. Story here.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Ron Howard is no coward.

I'm glad I'm not GLAAD. It's good to see this stand against homofascism. Ron Howard isn't going to remove a scene from his movie, The Dilemma, because some gay pressure groups object to it. Mr Howard says, "I believe in sensitivity but not censorship." Which inspired me to create;

homocensorship: the overzealous persecution from the glbt community over words or phrases that they deem as offensive. (copyright 2010, All rights reserved.)