Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Operation Pushback.

My beloved readers. Welcome. And thanks for showing up. I've decided to conduct an experiment/operation, and I need your help.

In August 2007, I created the word "heteroseparatist" to separate from those who worship homosexuality, those who joined the glbt community, and also those who want to harm gays.

I though that my word and the definition thereof would be enough to silence any homofascist attacks and false accusations of "homophobia," since I denounced any intention to persecute gays. I made this clear in my Internet manifesto. Yet there remains a former homoSith (Darth Tush?) that still, for some reason, reads my blog diligently when I have stopped reading his over ten months ago. I think he's jealous of my originality and upset at how his homosophistry has been so ineffective against me.

He goes by many names; Rob Tish, Rob Tisinai, "anonymous," "Squarejaw," "The truth behind the facade," and "The truth you have to see." He's quite amusing.

A story out of the Bible shines the light of the Lord on the conduct of Rob Tish. The parable is in the book of Matthew and it is about how man B gets mad at man A and creeps into the freshly planted garden of man A, while everybody in their neighboorhood is sleeping, and plants weed seeds next to man A's wheat seeds.

Anyhow, I'm asking my readers to consider this parable, told by Jesus Christ himself, then go here and vote however they see fit. I'm curious to see what happens. Also, look at how Rob Tish's definition is in the number one spot when my original definition is all the way in the number four spot. Shouldn't my original entry be in the number one spot? Or the latest definition be in the number one spot? What's going on at Urban Dictionary?

I plan on posting the "before" and "after" numbers concerning, "The truth behind the facade," a few days or weeks from today. I also plan to conduct this experiment again after the start of my advertising campaign, but I will launch phase 1 now due to the increased traffic on my blog.

To show to his supporters what Rob Tish is all about, I will rename the Tishini formula to, "Mantronikk's formula," IF Rob Tish will renounce, in the comment section of this post, how some in the glbt community want to recruit children INTO the glbt community WITHOUT the consent or knowledge of their parents. If he continues to refuse to do so, it will clearly show that he is all talk when it comes to,"Protect the Children (and mean it)."

Help me fight homofascism!!


  1. Seems to me the younger the schools start to push acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle choice the better for their cause. We have to stop leaving responsibility in the hands of public school officials. We need to educate our own children,molding them to have good character,not to be accepting of what is morally wrong but rather to stand fast on what they are taught at home.

  2. Hello,
    I found my way here via my facebook wall where a friend had posted the link to this posting.

  3. Hello, Tom. Hello Michelle. I fight homofascism here, yet I don't hate gay people.

  4. More homofascism facebook pulled ""For those victimized by homosexual groups" page. The usual drivel about hate

  5. OMG. There was no "hate" at all!! So facebook has proved the entire point of the facebook page! Can you get in touch with the founder? Perhaps we can all get together and start an independent website.

  6. When you compare a civil rights movement to fascism, that implies a certain amount of hate, no?

    Much of the gay "agenda," as you so derisively put it, is to have the same rights that you and I are lucky enough to have: to not be fired fore being gay and more than you or I could be fired for being straight, to not be evicted under the same premise, to be able to serve our country and potentially sacrifice their lives in service to our country, to be able to fall in love with a foreigner and be able to have that foreigner move to the United States as a life-partner the way that you and I might do, and so on and so forth. This hardly seems like Mussolini, does it?

  7. When you've been punished for the color of your skin like I have, you see through the misuse of certain rallying words. Gays have all of the same civil rights that I do; NOT being allowed to redefine marriage isn't a violation of one's civil rights. Jesus Christ defined marriage as being between one man and one woman in the NEW testament, in Matthew 19:4-6. Your not fighting "bigotry," you're fighting Christ. Why would you want to be anti-Christ?

  8. "You have "rage and disgust" because I won't, in my personal life, associate with homosexuals anymore? The homosexual community attacked me, so I removed homosexuals from my private life and created the word "heteroseparatist" to seperate from homophobes also."

    Okay, since I can't see your comment on my blog, I'll reply in yours-

    I'm sure you got some angry and hurtful comments from members of the homosexual community. People do tend to get nasty when they feel angry, threatened, or hurt.
    However, I feel that it is inaccurate to say that you were attacked by the homosexual community. The GBLTQ community comprises hundreds of thousands of people; even if you received a full thousand angry responses, that, by no means, represents the whole.
    Also, attacked is a strong word. Did you receive angry emails and blog comments? Most certainly. Has your livelihood or ability to publish been compromised? I doubt it.
    Lastly- you mention that you have been punished for the color of your skin. I'm sure that this has taken several forms. People probably think you're more likely to commit a crime (theft, perhaps), they think that you're a less competent hire or not as hard a worker, or they refer to you by a hurtful slur. I have to ask how you think this is different from your treatment of the GBLTQ community. If people have judged you, without knowing you, according to the color of your skin, why would you do that to another person based on their sexual orientation? And before you assert that sexual orientation is a choice, I'd like you to answer one last question for me- when did YOU chose to be straight? Did you ever question which gender you enjoyed the appearance of, or have you simply always been repulsed by/indifferent to men? My bet is that an attraction to the same gender never crossed your mind, so when did you have the opportunity to chose?

    Also, in the comment directly above this one, you assert that the GBLTQ community has all the same rights that you do. I'm sorry, but that's factually untrue. Gay and lesbian couples are not only denied the fundamental human right of marriage, but quite a few perks that come with that status: tax breaks, the ability to visit an ill or dying spouse in the hospital, and insurance coverage for their spouse just to name a few.
    I have to ask why you think homosexuality is wrong. It is obvious that you are a man of the Christian faith, so I take it you've read the Bible many times over. Can you tell me where in Jesus declares his homosexual children to be abominations or less lovable for their orientation? Or, better yet, where Jesus said anything about homosexuality being wrong?
    I do recall Jesus saying an awful lot about loving God and loving your neighbor above all else, and the parable of the Good Samaritan which tells us that you cannot decide that someone is not your neighbor simply because you disagree with them or do not know them well.

    Food for thought on the Sabbath.

    1. All of your questions are answered here...


      Jesus defines marriage here...


      Homosexuality is condemned here...



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