Saturday, November 6, 2010


I've sent this website an email requesting them to open up for comments on this page. Rob Tish still hasn't answered my, standing-since-28Jan.2010, challenge to disavow how some in the glbt community want to recruit children into their community without the knowledge of their parents. And my challenge came after he lied about me in his video by printing that I think all gays are molesters! Aren't all of my posts open for comments? Where is their courage?


  1. I'm not sure why I'm even posting seeing as I doubt your willingness to actually consider what I say...

    I have two problems with what I assume is your argument one fundamental and one less so. As a high school teacher I will be talking from that perspective.

    Fundamentally, parents do not have the ultimate right over their child's education. It doesn't matter if a parent of one of my students wants their child to believe that all matter is made of only four elements, earth, air, water, and fire. If a student puts that on my test instead of atoms, I am legally bound to fail the student.

    The same goes for Safe Schools curriculum: there are students that identify as LGBT (FACT) they need to be respected and not ridiculed (FACT).

    That's where my second problem with your argument seems to come in. You equate teaching about LGBT issues with "recruiting" students. As if teaching students about LGBT issues makes those same students gay. You're gonna need to provide some hard evidence for me to consider that ridiculous statement. And explain why gay children come from strongly conservative households where LGBT issues are not mentioned.

    On a similar note, I highly object to your ridiculous claims that you "have denounced teaching heterosexuality to ANY child." Have you strongly advocated with your state representatives to pass a law in your home state saying that married couples who teach and work together cannot even mention their married status. Even mentioning their married status promotes and advertises their heterosexuality. And if the wife is having a baby, it is proof that they're having sex! Oh my, what will happen next.

  2. If you'd like to comment on Rob's video, just go to his blog where it was originally posted.

  3. Mark, I love responses like your's, they help me to clarify what the deeper truths of heteroseparatism are.

    Comparing matters of sexual morality to the reality of matter itself is wrong. The two don't compare unless you consider what would happen if valence electrons went "gay" and stopped being negatively charged. The irony of your example is; if electrons went "gay," chaos would ensue. The concept of heterosexuality holds matter ITSELF together!

    The "safe schools" program you speak of do not only promote anti-bullying of gays, which I DO support. They teach that all those who don't support the glbt lifestyle are akin to racists, which is wrong because homosexuality is behavior and not a matter of race. To deny the existence of "gay" students would be absurd, as is the concept that all who don't support homosexuality are bigots. It seems that these programs only deflect bigotry towards those who refuse to support the glbt community, and not just to those who actually harrass glbt students. There are those who won't support homosexuality but do NOT hate or harass homosexuals. This is why I created the word "heteroseparatist." Harassment can and should be outlawed, but to demand "respect" is impossible.

    Gays that come from conservative households do so for the attention that being normal doesn't bring. I cover this at

    If a child asked me where babies come from, I would send that child back to their parents or legal guardian for the answer to that question. What is "ridiculous" about that?
    Sex Education should be renamed "Reproductive Education," to eliminate the controversial sexual activities that some adults participate in. It is a fact that sexual intercourse creates human beings, and to teach this to children, WITH the consent of their parents, isn't wrong. But to teach children the details of male-on-male sexual acts, WITHOUT the knowledge or consent of their parents, is what some adults in the glbt community want to do.

    There ARE moral absolutes. And it is wrong to encourage a child to ENTER the glbt community against the will of that childs parents. I'm not talking about merely mentioning homosexuality, and teaching children to leave gay children alone. I speak out against the, Trojan horse agenda that some in the gay community are trying to pull by doing an end-run around parental rights of Christian parents.

    What would YOU do if someone tried to teach Christianity to your child without your knowledge or consent?

  4. Neil, I already have, when the video first came out.

  5. "Gays that come from conservative households do so for the attention that being normal doesn't bring."

    This is your basic argument? That Mary Cheney, just for example, is a lesbian because Dick & Lynn didn't give her enough attention as a child? That Maya Keyes went gay because big bad Daddy Alan Keyes ignored her when she wasn't?

    Then you must also believe the inverse of this: that straight children of gay parents are only straight because they didn't get the attention they wanted before being straight.

    Both of these arguments seem, well, silly.

  6. I didn't say attention from their parents. I said attention. Judging from the pic I saw of Ms. Cheney's with her lesbian lover/partner, neither one of them were the type of women that men are normally attracted to. I would wager that they have turned to each other for the erotic attention that neither one of them got enough of from men.

  7. Wait, so let me get this straight (so to speak). Your argument is that women become lesbians because they are too ugly to get a man?

    Does it then also follow that men become gay because they are too ugly to get a woman, or do you just have it in for women?

  8. It ISN'T my argument that all lesbians are gay because they're not attractive to men, and it ISN'T my argument that men that women don't find attractive become gay. Do you believe that a person can be born gay?

  9. Okay, let's start from the beginning. I would appreciate it if you never attempt to overlay the concept sexual orientation to the basic structure of matter again, it is an insult to me as both a gay man and as a chemistry teacher and only highlights your lack of knowledge of both. There are electrons that have "gone gay" they're called positrons and are a part of many typical reactions.

    I would like us to both stop talking about a safe schools curriculum without focusing on actual documents. Let's look at the safe school coalition ( a group based in Washington state. All of their messages are based around the prevention of violence against LGBT students and/or teachers and do not seem to fit the mold of which you were speaking. Feel free to find your own safe schools documents to use as an example, but I expect to see curricular documents and not news blurbs.

    And finally, I'll make the point that Rob Tishini makes very frequently. You seem to associate homosexuality only with the sex acts that happen in such a relationship. I don't want the Employment Non-Discrimination Act so that I can tell all my students about what kind of sex I have. I want to be able to say that I had a date and not have to lie about his gender. Were I in a long-term relationship it would be terrible if I had to pretend that he does not exist from the hours of 9-4. These are all rights that are taken for granted by the heterosexual community. If a teacher mentions her husband in conversation, she won't be fired; however, if I mention my boyfriend, I easily could.

    And although I'm opening a can of worms; one cannot choose to be gay or straight, one simply is. Your assertion that heterosexuals are the normal ones and homosexuals just haven't gotten enough attention is frankly offensive. Especially as that claim was given without any citation. There are plenty of straight folks that are screwed up because they haven't gotten enough attention too.

  10. Mark,

    I should have been more accurate concerning the catastrophic effect that would take place if PROTONS went "gay"(I was writing too fast)and dumped their positive charge which is necessary for the heterosexualesque cohesion of a nucleus. You may have inspired a chapter in the heteroseparatist book I'm writing. I may write a chapter on sub-atomic heterosexuality!

    As for the Trojan-horse tactics of "safe schools" programs:

    Since the mere mention of Jesus Christ is outlawed in most public schools, Christian teachers have to "pretend that" there is no God from 9-4. All walks of life have their limitations when teaching in public schools.

    As a human male, you are physically designed to have a romantic, sexual relationship with a human female. If you choose to ignore the design of your genitalia, that is your choice. I feel compassion for you due to the significant trauma you must have gone through to turn you off to women/on to men. It had to be too much of the wrong kind of attention, and/or too little of the right kind of attention. Your rejection of the teachings of Jesus Christ has blinded you to this fact.

    If you respond to this, I expect a direct, concise answer to the question; What would you do if someone taught Christianity to your child without your knowledge or consent?

  11. There are "gay" protons as well, they're called muons: same mass, opposite charge.

    Now I hate that now we're going to have to have a religious debate over a non-religious topic, because I identify as Christian (although you would probably disagree based on your last post). I am secure in my relationship with Jesus, and I believe you are misinterpreting the message of the Bible.

    As a teacher, I feel its fine for a person to identify their faith and, if asked, respond to questions about their faith. Now as a teacher, I would object to stating that all gay people are doomed to hell unless they repent (even if that is your religious belief) because that would alienate any LGBT students in the classroom, making it more likely for that student to disengage from the class or worse. Freedom of speech in the classroom ought to bring students together in a learning environment, not divide them. Learning about their peers and teacher is a great way to build that; however, making damning claims towards some students in the room is not the way to build that and is not protected by our freedom of speech. I'm not asking that they ignore their belief in God (which, believe me, gets mentioned plenty in schools) but as a professional, your students come first.

  12. Also, I said that I didn't want to hear new blurbs (as your link led me to...). I want you to take a look at the curricula of safe school programs and show me where it is taught that those that oppose LBGT students are akin to racists.

    How is it that, as a person who's dedicated a blog to this topic, that you don't have a curriculum on hand to use as damning evidence?

  13. Mark,

    Yet again you alter the points I make instead of addressing what I'm actually saying.

    You still refuse to state what would take place if a proton went "gay" and reversed its charge. How can you not know what I mean? A muon lives and dies with the same, opposite charge of a proton does it not?

    Also, you cannot have a romantic, sexual relationship with another male and have a relationship with God the Father, or God the Son/Jesus. Jesus defines a marriage as between one man and one woman in Matthew 19:4-6. An ongoing sexual relationship outside of marriage disqualifies a person from a personal relation with Jesus Christ, although he still loves the person. God does not hate you for being gay, but he cannot associate with you until you let him heal you of your SSA. You can come to him as a gay man and let his Holy Spirit begin a work within you, but you cannot embrace the glbt lifestyle AND fellowship with God. Of course, mentioning what I have just said to you in your classroom would be wrong, because there are those who do not want their children exposed to the truth of Biblical scripture, and their parental rights must be respected.

    The "safe schools" program equates homosexuality to race by telling students to swap-out, in their own minds, the word "gay" with the word "Black," when it comes to how to treat and what to think concerning gay students. Therefore, anyone who rejects a fellow student for their sinful homosexuality will be thought of as a "bigot," and treated as a racist. If this link isn't enough proof for you, then I'm done trying to get through to you on this point...

    Mark, you simply refuse to accept what you don't want to be true. You refuse to accept what Jesus says about homosexuality in Matt. 19:4-6. You refuse to acknowledge the fact that your own genetalia is designed for sex with a woman's. You refuse to answer my question concerning what would happen to a nucleus if its protons went gay and reversed their charge. And you STILL haven't answered my simple, simple question, which is, for the THIRD time; What would you do if an adult Christian, tried to force your child into learning the teachings of Jesus Christ, WITHOUT your knowledge or consent?

    I will be happy to post your future (if any) response/s, AFTER you answer that question. I will not post anything from you until you answer that simple question. I have gone out of my way to give you point-by-point responses to your posts, yet you still ignore my simple question, and I'm simply not going to put up with your evasiveness any longer. If I don't hear from you again, take care of yourself.

  14. Mark,

  15. And you've crossed in to fundamentalist territory. I know you won't post this, so I guess this is my farewell message to you.

    You can't separate yourself from the LGBT community any more than you can from the black community and expect people to view you as a reasonable human being.

    I wish you luck in what's sure to be a long and difficult life of being called a bigot and not understanding that you truly are. Like many bigots, you don't yet realize it.

    If someone attempted to "force" my child to learn Christianity really depends on the person and the "force" they use. If my child were kidnapped by a random religious psychopath then I would take legal action. If my child's teacher were using class time that would be better used elsewhere I would ask for a justification and address it then. If, as I intend to, my child attends a religious school, I will in fact be paying for my children to be "forced" to learn Christianity.

  16. Homosexuality is a behavior, not a matter of the color of one's skin. To equate skin color with behavior is TRUE bigotry.

    You are not only self-disqualified from a relationship with Jesus Christ for embracing homosexuality, but you are also embracing idolatry by remaking the Word of God to your own image; a God that accepts homosexuality. You're accusing God of "bigotry" when you unjustly label me one since I am only telling you the truth of his Word. I hope you repent of your self-deception before you meet Jesus.

  17. @Mark As far as being gay AND Christian...

  18. if you look at all your posts, the only comments are from people who disagree with you and your replies... nice blog, you really like talking about us... I like a man who just doesn't stop...

  19. Your anti-Christ, anti-hetero bigotry is blinding you. I was minding my own business when homofascists decided to attack me. Now they're running for cover.


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