Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Anti gay" students kicked out of class.

This high school teacher kicked two students out of his classroom for merely saying that they "didn't accept" homosexuality. So now, refusing to accept homosexuality as a normal thing, is enough to get you punished. This is precisely what my website is about; to shine the light of day on homofascism and homocensorship.

Apparently, these two students weren't bullying, or using derogatory terms to describe homosexuals, they merely spoke that they refused to support homosexuality and were punished for it. This is the true face of the gay agenda.

Story here.


  1. Well, yeah. How would you feel if you were a gay student in that class, listening to your classmates discuss how they don't "accept" you. This type of speech about any group should not be acceptable -- whether it be based on gender, ethnicity, religion, race, or sexual orientation.

    This isn't about any so-called homosexual agenda, it's about common decency, about accepting others as they are. Not sure how "fascism" comes into this.

  2. Look at how you want to curtail the free speech of others because YOU don't agree with them. That's one of the aspects of homofascism; killing violence-free, free speech. "Sexual orientation" isn't like gender or race or ethnicity, it is behavior.

  3. Would you come to the defense of a Christian if a homosexual student had said, "I don't accept Christians?" When a person says that they are gay, they are automatically saying that they reject the teachings of Jesus Christ and, therefore, his servants.

    You are a very interesting person with a lot of passion and the backbone to stand up for it-that is not to say however that I agree with you but then nor do I agree with the teacher that kicked the students out of class as they are entitled to their own opinion. I am a teacher in Nz who has just started my own website so feel free to have a look, sign up and comment. I see you are a Christian-I grew up in a religious background. The funny thing about accepting God into your life is you also have to accept all the rules and regulations as listed by the men who wrote the bible-no matter how you feel or if you disagree. Or you accept the interpretations of those who have decided to the the leaders of your church. Tread carefully least they lead you astray.


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