Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What gays want to teach children.

The glbt community is constantly crying out about just wanting to be treated with dignity and respect, and then turn around and force a classroom of kindergartners to view a film glorifying homosexuality without the consent or knowledge of their parents. This is the dark side of homofascism that I specialize in exposing.

"...children as young as kindergarten were being subjected to pro-LGBT films and instruction, with no notice or opportunity to opt out."

"...the film "Straightlaced," which extols homosexuality and transsexuality while attacking gender norms, was shown to Vallejo high school students this past Friday with no advance notice to parents."

Is this what the glbt community wants? Unfettered access to other people's children? Would gay "parents" tolerate people approaching their children without their consent? What would happen if a pro-Christianity film were shown to the children of gay "parents," in grade school, without any parental consent? How would the gay community react to that? Would the glbt parents be called, "Anti-Christ," for objecting to a Christian end-run around their parental rights? How come gays can do anything they want to children and still be protected?

My evidence is here.


  1. There is nothing wrong with teaching children what the differences are in our diverse World. There are ratings and if those ratings were inappropriate for those kids then I think they shouldn't have done that. If the ratings were E for everyone then I think it's fine. I also think that if the kids are old enough to understand then it's totally fine.

  2. Do you think that these "diverse World" teachings should be done without the full knowledge and consent of the parents of these children?

  3. Ofcourse not... But that's why we have ratings... Depending on the ratings of the movie we should or shouldn't show it to the kids. Then we ask for parents permission... If the ratings are not suitable for the kids then I think they would need parents permission no matter what... But the ratings also play a role!!! Happy thanksgiving by the way...

  4. Happy Thangsgiving to you also. I'm glad that you, as a gay man, can still recognize parental rights. You are the firt gay man that I have corresponded with, on this blog, that has done so.

  5. Thanks! Yeah, I believe in unity. And we should be able to talk and discuss matters. Freedom of speech is important. The GLBT or anyone for that matter should have a sense of common courtesy. With that the World would be a better place. I worry about human rights and equal rights but I also worry about the future of the Human Race.

  6. Homosexuals are grooming our kids for future expolation by desensitizing then to abnormal and evil behavior.

    'Grooming' is the term used to describe the process by which child molesters build trust with the child to transition from a nonsexual relationship to a sexual relationship in a manner that seems natural and non-threatening....

    This is now done is the classroom. It's child abuse pure and simple.
    Not to mention the THE ONGOING effort to encourage children and adolescents to see themselves as homosexual, a campaign that seeks the destruction of innocence, will result in more bullying of children not less. That is a prediction based on common sense. When children are encouraged to flaunt homosexual attractions, they are more likely to arouse hostile responses


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