Sunday, August 7, 2016

Common sense from SCOTUS?!?!


It's an evil world I live in where a school board has to have the backing of the Supreme Court of the United States to prevent a girl from using the boy's bathroom.  The truth is in your genitals "transgendered" person.  Look between your legs the next time you are in the shower.  What do you see?  THAT is reality.  That is your gender and your sex.

As usual, the glbt community tries to steal the nobility of the Black, civil-rights movement by comparing their sexual evil to skin color in this video.

No young girl should have to endure male genitalia in a women's bathroom or locker room.  Period.  What happened to the feminist's fight against men exposing themselves to women who don't want to see their genitals?!!


The mentally disturbed girl can be seen here...

Complete story here.