Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dayna Morales: poster child for the glbt community. (Updated 03 Dec. 2013)

Dayna Morales said that she didn't get a tip when she got a tip that was almost 20%.  She said that she was "blown up by a land mine overseas."  That was a lie.  She said she served in Afghanistan; she lied.  She even lied about her father impregnating her by rape!

Dayna Morales is the poster child of the glbt community.

Story here and here.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lesbian waitress faked rude note on reciept.

On 22 Aug. 2012, lesbian woman Charlie Rogers claimed that she was attacked by three men who carved swastikas into her skin.  I was moved with compassion and posted this.  Then it turned out that her story was faked.  Wow.  How weird.

Well... it looks like we've got another Charlie Rogers on our hands except this time her name is Dayna Morales.  And she told a lie on a heterosexual couple who can prove that they DID tip her and DIDN'T write any note on their receipt attacking her for her lesbian lifestyle. 

Once again I present evidence that the entire glbt community is living a lie.  Gender is an undeniable fact of life, yet the gay community continues to deny the relevance of gender.

Story here.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Homosexual activist Caleb Laieski raping young boys.

This man, Caleb Laieski, will undoubtedly call you a homophobe if you object to the fact that the objects of his sexual desire are underage boys.  He is a homosexual so he cannot be criticized.  Don't you dare tell him that his sexual activities are wrong!

It seems that, no matter how reasonable the glbt seems to be, their end goal is access to children WITHOUT parental consent.  Look how noble Mr. boy-rapist comes off with his "anti-bullying" approach...

Detailed story, with great comments, here.

Guest article from Ronnie Maccallister. ally and contributor Ronnie Maccallister has penned/edited and article exposing the perils of the anti-Christ bigotry called ENDA.

“…ENDA codifies anti-Christian bias into law.

…It's an immense, totalitarian boot, stamping out opposing views, Nazi-style. This isn't soft tyranny, this is hard tyranny.

…It's inclusion-by-exclusion - excluding the majority to enshrine a minority (Imperialism). Remember "thought crimes" from Orwell's novel? Same exact thing.

…LGBT nondiscrimination grants a badge of civic invincibility to LGBT's; an unfettered, all-access pass for superimposing their ideologies onto the Culture, opening the floodgates for the influx of gay propaganda into public schools.

…The very formation of our Country itself was based around religious liberty, in fact. LGBT nondiscrimination abolishes religious liberty, forcing Christians to violate their consciences and core values in the name of "tolerance".

…Freedom of Association is enshrined within the First Amendment - freedom to associate with like-minded individuals. ENDA is the ultimate execution of Orwellian prophecy. It's the gay lobby's tyrannical strangle-hold on the marketplace of ideas with its suffocating political correctness.

…There is not a single shred of biological ideology in support of homosexuality. There's no gay gene. Even G.L.A.A.D. has publicly given up the quest to find it.

…Homosexuality falls far below the Supreme Courts Civil Rights standards regarding immutability.

Full article here.

Ex-gays exist!!

Jesus' Power Over Homosexuality - Kegan Wesley from Pure Passion on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

HAM pic. 3 of 7.

Look at the angry, truth-hating, AIDS "activist" at 4:49 yelling at the doctor for telling the truth about how MSM create and spread AIDS more than any other social group.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Same-sex "marriage" forced upon the people of Hawaii.

The persecution of Christians has begun in Hawaii.

Same-sex "marriage" was forced upon the people of Hawaii despite the outcry of the majority to uphold God's definition of marriage.  This is what the glbt community wants.  The destruction of anyone who doesn't support same-sex "marriage.

There was a great, media-ignored, outcry against the redefinition of marriage in Hawaii.  Story-with-many-videos here.

Monday, November 11, 2013

If you don't want to see a penis, stay out of the women's restroom. (WHAT!?!)

This is why I created this blog.  The glbt community is pushing insanity into my culture.  When a young girl can NOT go into a school restroom because a boy who wants to be a girl is allowed in the restroom with her, something has gone horribly wrong.  Someone has embraced insanity

"... School administrators have submitted a report of their findings in the case to PJI, along with a proposal that the girls stay out of the women’s restrooms if the boy’s presence bothers them ..."

Amazing story here.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Powerful testimony from a publisher of a lesbian magazine.

This is one of the most powerful ex-gay testimonies that I have ever seen.  Not even the comments on this video on YouTube have the usual, anti-Christ bigotry and anti-Christian hatred.  The glbt community is going to hate what this woman says at 19:10, but she is speaking the truth. 

Although there is a flaw in this woman's testimony, (a woman cannot be a pastor and Ms. Cothran refers to a woman of God as a "pastor") a person CAN be freed from same-sex attraction by the Holy Spirit.