Monday, November 25, 2013

Guest article from Ronnie Maccallister. ally and contributor Ronnie Maccallister has penned/edited and article exposing the perils of the anti-Christ bigotry called ENDA.

“…ENDA codifies anti-Christian bias into law.

…It's an immense, totalitarian boot, stamping out opposing views, Nazi-style. This isn't soft tyranny, this is hard tyranny.

…It's inclusion-by-exclusion - excluding the majority to enshrine a minority (Imperialism). Remember "thought crimes" from Orwell's novel? Same exact thing.

…LGBT nondiscrimination grants a badge of civic invincibility to LGBT's; an unfettered, all-access pass for superimposing their ideologies onto the Culture, opening the floodgates for the influx of gay propaganda into public schools.

…The very formation of our Country itself was based around religious liberty, in fact. LGBT nondiscrimination abolishes religious liberty, forcing Christians to violate their consciences and core values in the name of "tolerance".

…Freedom of Association is enshrined within the First Amendment - freedom to associate with like-minded individuals. ENDA is the ultimate execution of Orwellian prophecy. It's the gay lobby's tyrannical strangle-hold on the marketplace of ideas with its suffocating political correctness.

…There is not a single shred of biological ideology in support of homosexuality. There's no gay gene. Even G.L.A.A.D. has publicly given up the quest to find it.

…Homosexuality falls far below the Supreme Courts Civil Rights standards regarding immutability.

Full article here.


  1. Thank you very much, Mr. Maccallister, for your resolute stand against the homosexualist juggernaut. We have slid far down the slippery slope homosexual-rights activists have been assuring us did not exist since the "gay rights" movement's inception in the late 1960s. If not for a few brave voices like yours and Mantronnik's, those pushing for the total de-moralization of Western Civilization--what used to be called Christendom--would have a clear field for the consummation of their project. God bless you and Mantronnik for the time and labor you spend to stop--and, God willing, reverse--the slide.

    1. Thanks Mr. Perera,

      The Truth is immortal and people are waking up to homofascism.


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