Saturday, October 30, 2010

How wrong is Eddie Long?




This guy is a nutcase to compare the Word of God to sperm. This concept is nowhere in the Bible. Although I totally believed the accusations against him that have already surfaced, I didn't know just how insane this "bishop" was. Anyone who remained a member of this "church" after hearing this "sermon" has been brainwashed by their personal loyalty to this man. More on this moron here.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

How now to disavow.

I want to post about this dude, Clint McCance, because his story is hot news, and it is a perfect example of what heteroseparatism is not about.

This guy posted, on his facebook page, his joy about hearing about the recent suicides of some homosexual younglings. And he also referred to homosexuals using derogatory terms. I don't support this kind of behavior. Although it is wrong to be gay, it is more wrong to celebrate the tragic death of a gay person. A soul has been lost, and that is nothing to celebrate. I want to go on the record as disavowing this guy. Info here.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A little boy as a "princess?"

I found this article today and it depressed me somewhat. It's about a 4-year-old boy who wants to be a princess for Halloween and how his Godless parents (his father is actually allowing this behavior) are letting this boy embrace effeminate behavior.

This is a documented case of parental failure, with sentences like,"Normally,we indulge his nontraditional choices. He rides in a pink "Girl Power!" car seat that my husband purchased..." And, "...put the dress for his father, who genuinely smiled when he saw his little princess boy..."

This is incredible to me. What has happened to men? I'm well aware of what has happened to women because I grew up when feminism was at a fever-pitch, but...what the **** is wrong with this boy's father?! How come he doesn't know his job when it comes to raising his son into a God-fearing, strong, independent man? Story here.

Monday, October 25, 2010


homomiscuity: the sexual escapades of a gay person outside of their homosexual "marriage."

I found a great article today that covers many of the things that I cover as a heteroseparatist; the punishment of anyone who disagrees with homosexuality, the tactics of homofascists, the existence of the gay agenda, and the non-monagamous nature of homosexual "marriage." The core belief of a homofascist is that anyone who doesn't agree with the glbt lifestyle is motivated by hatred, fear, or ignorance. Story here.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Boy-toy Choi can't redeploy.

I'm still surprised when sexual sanity prevails. And I'm just about done talking about DADT.

It seems to me that gays love rule-breaking. Every gay person in the military swore to abide by the UCMJ, but some, like Lt. Choy, feel that they are above all laws, even the laws of God.

In my experience as a heteroseparatist, I've figured out how to expose just how for most gays will go when I ask a gay person if they would encourage a child to embrace the glbt lifestyle, WITHOUT the consent or knowledge of that child's parents. I can completely renounce teaching heterosexuality to a child without the consent of that child's parents, but I have yet to hear a homosexual do the same thing that I can. Anyhow, I digress. Click here.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Are electric cars gay?

I guess electric cars could be considered "gay," but I've never considered the matter. In some upcoming comedy movie, the character played by Vince Vaughn calls electric cars "gay" in order to disparage electric cars.

Now I know that this would probably upset gays, but I also know how people talk in real life. Politically incorrect words are used in closed circles of conversation. If I were to describe something as "gay" to one of my friends, I would be communicating that that something was something to be avoided or something dishonorable or something unmanly. My use of the word "gay," would be done to make my point in a quick and concise manner.

I consider not using the word "fa**ot" to be enough of a capitulation to the glbt community. But to be brainwashed into not using the word "gay" is something that I won't do. Especially when I consider how the glbt community terraformed the definition of the word "gay" from what it was when I was young.

This article points to the homofascist bent of those attacking Vince Vaughn: "The gay extremists on the left have shown their true colors here. They are trying not to encourage tolerance..." "They are trying to mandate acceptance. Any individual or business that doesn't agree will be squashed."

Monday, October 18, 2010

Homosexual "parents."

I learned 85% of what it meant to be a man by simply observing my father's actions. His dedication to his work, the way he provided for and protected his family, and how he interacted with my mother. Even as a child, I somehow knew that a person's actions outweighed their words.

So when someone tells me that having two "parents" of the same gender isn't harmful to the normal emotional development of the children of that household, I know that I'm listening to someone that isn't in touch with reality, and I consider that person to be a danger to children. I don't take any action against them, I just quietly remove them from my life.

It is ridiculous to believe that having two "parents" of the same gender isn't harmful to the emotional development of a child. Story here.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

GLBT community vs. democracy.

The gay community fought tooth and nail to keep prop 8 off of the ballot in California, falsely believing that a vote to preserve true marriage-between one man and one woman-was akin to a bigot voting to preserve slavery in the old South. They were wrong.

Jesus defined marriage as being between one man and one woman in the book of Matthew 19: 4-6. And simultaneously condemned fornication, cohabitation, polygamy, homosexual parenting, homosexual "marriage," and any redefinition of marriage, in the very same verses.

Friday, October 15, 2010

USMC vs. homofascism.

As much heterosexual love that I have for President Obama, I don't think that he's looking at the repeal of DADT from the correct prospective. The prospective of those whose daily lives are most affected.

NOTHING unnecessary should be forced upon a man who risks his life on the battlefield for his country. And all reasonable requests from that man should be met without question or hesitation. ALL reasonable requests.

It is a reasonable request for a infantryman to not want to bunk or shower with a homosexual, just as it is reasonable for a woman in the military to not want to shower and bunk with a man. This truth is something that cannot be denied by a reasonable, clear-thinking person. Why then, is the repeal of DADT even being considered when homosexuality is (yes I'm going to say it yet again) behavior, not race.

Story here.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

DADT video.

After just ending a three hour ordeal of restoring my beloved computer from some kind of "upgrade" that caused ALL of my icons to disappear, I ran into this video that explains exactly what I was about to post concerning the latest news on DADT.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chilean mine rescue...

...has just put a paramedic into the area where the miners are. May God bless the rescue effort.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The glbt community ISN'T after children?

I know that all gays aren't after children. Yet today, I present yet more evidence that the percentage of the glbt community that still respects the rights of parents, is dwindling rapidly.

Today, Carl Paladino, who is running for Governor of New York, is under fire for saying that he doesn't want children to be brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is acceptable. He has already made it clear that he does not condone violence against gays, and that he has gays working for him, yet he is still under pressure to completely accept homosexuality as normal.

To be attacked for wanting to protect children from a lifestyle that is 44 times more likely to bring on AIDS is insanity! If a candidate for governor of any state said something like, "I think that children should be allowed to smoke cigarettes to support the livelihoods of tobacco growers." What would happen to that candidate?

Story here.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Homeless man's performance.

I hope this guy gets a gig on some late show.

Enrique Chagoya homosexualizing Jesus.

This man, Enrique Chagoya, had enough wickedness in his heart to portray Jesus Christ in a homosexual act in a public art exhibit. Wow. One of the reasons Christians don't react to disrespect like Muslims do, is our knowledge of what is in this guy's future if he doesn't repent of his wickedness.

Why didn't he just wear a lightening rod in a thunderstorm? Or but on a blindfold and crawl across a busy highway? Or kick a Mafia Don in the testes? Better yet, why doesn't he dis' Islam and portray Mohammed as a homosexual?

The latest chapter of this guy's collision course with God is here.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A no-go fo' homo dough.

A gay "rights" group went to a Christian bakery and asked for some glbt-themed cookies to be made. The owners of the bakery, of course, turned them down. The pro-gay/anti-Christ group then cried, "discrimination!" (As if homosexuality is race and not behavior.) And went ballistic.

Wouldn't this Christian bakery have said no to a Satan-worshipping group that asked for pentagram cookies? Or a bachelorette party that wanted a penis-shaped cake? Or a bachelor party that wanted a cake representing some female body-part?

After the bakery's lease was threatened by an anti-Christ mayor, another Christian group came to their defence, and business is now booming. People are wising up to homofascism and fighting back! Story here and here.

Viral video report.

Monday, October 4, 2010


I feel for this Tyler Clementi dude that killed himself, but he does not qualify for homosainthood because he was not murdered for being gay. Many people don't kill themselves over being humiliated. (When I was publicly humiliated by a classmate when I was 15, I sent him to the hospital.)
There were two wrongs here; Clementi's roommates violating his privacy, and his decision to embrace homosexuality. Story here.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Tyler Clementi: The new Matthew Shepard?

I hate that this guy is dead and has lost his eternal soul due to his committing suicide. He was humiliated by a pair of a**holes and jumped to his death from a bridge. And the fact that he didn't kill them first and then take his own life means that he was a gentle soul. I hope the young man and woman responsible for his embarrassment eventually suffer the same level of anguish as those that loved Mr. Clementi.

That being said; this was not a "hate-crime." Homosexuality is practically worshiped on college campuses nowadays, and there are many homosexual support groups that this young man must of had access to. I believe that he feared facing his parents and/or siblings and saw suicide as an escape, but all of the details of the story aren't in yet. (Will the glbt community use this tragedy to ignore parent's rights concerning what is taught in the sex-education classes of very young children?)

Story here, here, and here.