Friday, October 15, 2010

USMC vs. homofascism.

As much heterosexual love that I have for President Obama, I don't think that he's looking at the repeal of DADT from the correct prospective. The prospective of those whose daily lives are most affected.

NOTHING unnecessary should be forced upon a man who risks his life on the battlefield for his country. And all reasonable requests from that man should be met without question or hesitation. ALL reasonable requests.

It is a reasonable request for a infantryman to not want to bunk or shower with a homosexual, just as it is reasonable for a woman in the military to not want to shower and bunk with a man. This truth is something that cannot be denied by a reasonable, clear-thinking person. Why then, is the repeal of DADT even being considered when homosexuality is (yes I'm going to say it yet again) behavior, not race.

Story here.

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