Friday, October 1, 2010

Tyler Clementi: The new Matthew Shepard?

I hate that this guy is dead and has lost his eternal soul due to his committing suicide. He was humiliated by a pair of a**holes and jumped to his death from a bridge. And the fact that he didn't kill them first and then take his own life means that he was a gentle soul. I hope the young man and woman responsible for his embarrassment eventually suffer the same level of anguish as those that loved Mr. Clementi.

That being said; this was not a "hate-crime." Homosexuality is practically worshiped on college campuses nowadays, and there are many homosexual support groups that this young man must of had access to. I believe that he feared facing his parents and/or siblings and saw suicide as an escape, but all of the details of the story aren't in yet. (Will the glbt community use this tragedy to ignore parent's rights concerning what is taught in the sex-education classes of very young children?)

Story here, here, and here.

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