Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A no-go fo' homo dough.

A gay "rights" group went to a Christian bakery and asked for some glbt-themed cookies to be made. The owners of the bakery, of course, turned them down. The pro-gay/anti-Christ group then cried, "discrimination!" (As if homosexuality is race and not behavior.) And went ballistic.

Wouldn't this Christian bakery have said no to a Satan-worshipping group that asked for pentagram cookies? Or a bachelorette party that wanted a penis-shaped cake? Or a bachelor party that wanted a cake representing some female body-part?

After the bakery's lease was threatened by an anti-Christ mayor, another Christian group came to their defence, and business is now booming. People are wising up to homofascism and fighting back! Story here and here.

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