Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Are electric cars gay?

I guess electric cars could be considered "gay," but I've never considered the matter. In some upcoming comedy movie, the character played by Vince Vaughn calls electric cars "gay" in order to disparage electric cars.

Now I know that this would probably upset gays, but I also know how people talk in real life. Politically incorrect words are used in closed circles of conversation. If I were to describe something as "gay" to one of my friends, I would be communicating that that something was something to be avoided or something dishonorable or something unmanly. My use of the word "gay," would be done to make my point in a quick and concise manner.

I consider not using the word "fa**ot" to be enough of a capitulation to the glbt community. But to be brainwashed into not using the word "gay" is something that I won't do. Especially when I consider how the glbt community terraformed the definition of the word "gay" from what it was when I was young.

This article points to the homofascist bent of those attacking Vince Vaughn: "The gay extremists on the left have shown their true colors here. They are trying not to encourage tolerance..." "They are trying to mandate acceptance. Any individual or business that doesn't agree will be squashed."

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