Monday, November 15, 2010

What some gays do with children.

Look at this disgusting, vulgar, profanity-filled video and tell me I'm wrong for walking away from the glbt community.

Is this how gays raise children? To speak like this? To think that all of those who honor Jesus' definition of marriage are full of hate?

This is why I denounced hatred in the first two words of the tag-line of my logo. The glbt community continues to amaze me with the their behavior! Has anyone ever seen a video, produced by my Christian brothers and sisters where children are using this kind of language? And, if anyone can, I'll post the Biblical verses that condemn their misconduct! More on this homofascist video here and here.


  1. Yup. The thing that immediately comes to mind is The members of the Westboro Baptist Church always bring young children to their protests and have them waving signs that say things like "Thank God for Dead Soldiers" and "Fags Doom Nations." And they make videos for their websites, and have young kids sing hate-filled songs... so yes. There are "Christians" out there who use kids in similar ways, for "Christian" purposes no less. I was sort of taken aback by the use of children in this video. I'm sure it was fun to make, but I don't think it's an effective way to fight hatred (or the other often forgotten culprit, ignorance). I understand that the FCKH8 campaign is probably geared more toward young people (which is questionable in and of itself, since the younger generation isn't the generation voting against our rights and, in fact, all signs seem to indicate they are okay with gay people), but I do hope that people have their fun with it and then focus on more effective ways to communicate our desire for equality. As for the children in the video, I doubt they were forced to swear. If they were, then I would agree that is bad parenting. More likely parents gave these kids a one-time free pass to swear, which they eagerly accepted. Again, that's my best guess, and if it's wrong, then the video is wrong, which means... I'm on you with this one, Mantronikk (love the name, by the way). I do, however, resent your suggestion that, simply because some gay parents permit their children to swear in a video, all gay parents permit their children to swear. Unless I misinterpreted your remark "Is this how gays raise children?"? Perhaps you could fix that in your post, since it seems to be suggesting a gross generalization, and say instead that you are offended by the actions of the few gay parents involved in the making of the video.

  2. I have denounced Fred Phelps and his "church" in my manifestoat ALSO, he is in VIOLATION of scripture when he and his church do these things, see...

    It is not the will of God for the Word of God to be misused in a hateful manner. It is true that the glbt lifestyle ends in a place where there is eternal punishment/seperation from God. But it is NOT God's will for a Christian to be up in the faces of the living friends and relatives of a deceased gay person. The Westboro Baptist "Church" is to Christianity what NAMBLA is to the glbt community; they are denounced by the vast, vast majority.

    Also, a child holding a sign that they really don't understand is different from a child using profanity with the approval of nearby adults. Children fully understand profanity.

  3. But by your own post you are indicating that this video is reason enough to "walk away from" the glbt community. How would this be different from someone "walking away from" Christianity (or straight parenting) because of the Westboro Baptist Church?

    You have condemned Fred Phelps' profanity, but have not rejected the entirety of Christianity. So condemn the folks who made this video but do not reject the entirety of the glbt community.

  4. This post is one of SIX HUNDRED, that I have used to illuminate heteroseparatism. It's not just this single video that has caused me to walk away from the glbt community.

    Fred Phelps should NOT be calling himself a Christian, and I would never associate with him because of his behavior. But it is true that ALL of the members of the glbt community deny the normal, sexual function/design of their own bodies by either having a same-sex romantic/sexual partner, or trying to change from the gender that they were born into. This is a behavior that I cannot support and choose to quietly walk away from. It is not like walking away from someone because of the color of their skin, I'm walking away from someone because of their BEHAVIOR. When someone says, "I'm gay," that person is telling me about their sexual BEHAVIOR. Don't I have the right to walk away from someone because of their behavior?

  5. I am kinda stuck here... I try to figure what's right and wrong... But I am so stuck... haha Ok I liked this video. I mean we are in a fight. One thing is right people shouldn't be talking B.S. (bullshit) on each other. The idea is simple; live as you wish. If something is getting in the way then take it out. GLBT is not in the way of religion but religion is in the way of the GLBT. Somehow people who are opposing GLBT are also religious. There is nothing wrong with religion but there is something wrong with those who oppose the GLBT.

  6. Walking away from the glbt community isn't "opposing" the glbt community.

  7. That's nice I never said that... Anyway, in general yeah it's like that. I am a big fan of intelligence, philosophy, and I analyze just about everything. Everyone should be treated equal, which means everyone deserves the same laws. Stop putting people into boxes. This is about freedom and liberty. Not about gays, race, gender. This is about everyone. All ages, all shapes and sizes. I think your point is for people to have discussions without any interruptions or sue threats... Free speech right? I am with you... Sometimes people get mad and sometimes groups get mad. When that happens you have, for example, this video. If it's for a great cause then why not? I know it has a lot of F bombs but it gets the point straight. Let the GLBT be. Vulgar language is negative but only because we think so. Nothing but words. It's not like if they are hating on anyone. Actually they are giving the finger to hate. There behavior is a little extreme but all this is a little extreme. That's what fighting is all about. Say no to war but sometimes war is needed to keep the peace.

  8. I have the right to put people into "boxes" if I please as long as I don't violate their rights. It is wrong to teach children to use profanity, and I will not associate with people who do so.


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