Sunday, November 14, 2010

Straight pride.

Why is it that offending gays is the only concern of some school administrations? "Gay Pride" activities and advertisements offend many people, yet any complaints about homosexual propaganda are just dismissed as "homophobia."

A group of kids decided to wear "Straight Pride" t-shirts at their school and met with resistance from their school. Why is it okay for a student to be proud to be gay, but not okay for a student to be proud to be straight? Info here.


  1. Because "Gay Pride" is to "Straight Pride" as "Black is Beautiful" is to "White Power."

    The former in each of these relations is claiming equality for an oppressed group, historically discriminated against and powerless. The latter in each of these relations is, well, a misguided attempt to remain dominant over a group once deemed inferior.

  2. Your wrong. Sexual behavior doesn't compare to racial identity. Race and sexual behavior aren't comparable since the color of a person's skin says nothing about the content of their character, but a person's sexual conduct says a great deal about their character.

    Also, those that are wearing the "Straight Pride" shirts are doing so in RESPONSE to what they very probably see as the build up of homofascism. If the situation were reversed, and gay students printed and wore "Gay Pride" t-shirts in RESPONSE to a group of people that had begun to wear "Straight Pride" t-shirts, wouldn't you would be supporting the gay students?

  3. I think you mean "you're" wrong. Unless you mean ownership. Which, I suppose, you might. Of course, I still think I'm right. And you're wrong. :)

  4. Emma, when you were told that race and homosexuality were the same, you were lied to. Also, African American/Black people are deeply insulted when homosexuality is equated to the color of their skin.

  5. Uhm I am gay and I am ok with this. I think it is ok for people to have straight pride. Why not? It's like saying black people are the only ones that can use the N-Word. So language is limited to race? And GLBT it's ok if straight people have straight pride. If they were saying F*** gay pride well that's a negative difference because that's hating. I don't see how straight pride offends gay pride... coexist. So, it's ok to have straight pride as there is gay pride. BE PROUD OF WHAT YOU ARE! :)


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