Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sex "change" regret.

Well. This one's kind of predictable to those with sexual sanity...

This man, Walt Heyer, thought he wanted to be a woman, had his dingus surgically removed, then realized that he made a terrible mistake. He is now in love with and married to a woman, and trying to prevent other, pre-op, male-to-female "transgenders," from making the same mistake that he did.

Walt Heyer writes...

"... Changing genders is zany, exciting and fun at first, but many of us have discovered right away or years after changing genders that our lives turn to disappointment, sorrow and regret. The evidence of this extreme regret can be found in the staggering suicide rate for transgenders, reported to be 30 to 40%.

I am back to living as a male and I am happily married to a woman. But anatomically I'm not a male; I can't be. My birth record was changed and says female. My passport says male. This surgery is absolutely destructive. In fact, it is categorically impossible to change someone's gender.

There are a lot of males without male genitalia who are struggling terribly with this. And at least fifty percent of these surgeries are failures in some way. Your body is mutilated. It's not a good thing. It's a horrible thing.

Homosexuals, lesbians and transgenders were not born that way, no, not at all. Despite an enormous amount of research being done, no scientific evidence can be found to substantiate this view, yet it is reported as fact. My new book, Paper Genders, provides a well-researched look in the homosexual activist movement and how everyone, including the media, runs and hides from this group of bullies and sexual predators.

The question is: Who has the courage and conviction to stand up for our young kids and our families? ..."

In my internet manifesto, I cover how childhood experiences launch a person into the glbt community. Mr. Walt Heyer's experience in the glbt community supports the information in my manifesto. Then there's his news concerning the shocking statistic that a "transgendered" person is 25 times more likely to attempt suicide than a heterosexual.

My supporting data is here, and here.

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