Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The gay Trojan horse.

Who in their right mind would disagree with the phrase, "anti-bullying"? No one right? I mean bullying is something that we all can relate to. Everyone has experienced bullying in some way or another. This very blog came into being as my response to anti-Christ, anti-hetero, homofascist bullying that I encountered on a chat website.

That being said, I also know(most of the time), when someone is trying to sell me Trojan horses**t. "Anti-bullying" is now the phrase that slays the civil rights of parents that don't support the sexual antics of the glbt community.

"...While bullying is harmful and always has been, it is an even greater harm that anti-bullying policies have been hijacked by a political agenda for the purpose of promoting homosexual behavior and insulating it from public debate and discussion. Forbidding debate about homosexual behavior in schools attacks our country’s rich tradition of encouraging the open examination of ideas. Sometimes that discourse is uncomfortable and even offensive, testing the very foundation of our identity. But in the end, it is the only way for the truth to prevail. .."

"...We should not confuse acts of intimidation and violence with legitimate debate, on or off the playground. And we should not shroud censorship and political correctness with anti-bullying policies designed to intimidate opposition into silent submission. .."

My supporting evidence is here.

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