Friday, June 24, 2011

How Matthew Shepard REALLY died.

It's been said that a lie can get around the world before the truth can get its shoes on.

Today, I stumbled upon information that the man primarily responsible for Matthew Shepard’s death was a man named Aaron McKinney, a member of the glbt community. Incredible.

"...21-year-old Matthew Shepard was picked up by two other 21-year-old guys at a bar the night of his beating. Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson were doing methamphetamine and were looking to rob Matthew Shepard who was drunk at the bar. While Henderson was driving, the story goes, Shepard made a pass at McKinney by touching his leg. At this point, McKinney, who’d been awake for a week on meth, lost it and hit Shepard with a pistol. Soon after, he told Henderson to pull over, and the beating at the fence proceeded.

Initially, McKinney used the “gay panic defense” to suggest that he lost his mind when Shepard made a pass at him, but we later find that McKinney was a bisexual who actually knew Matthew Shepard. Did he really panic when Shepard made a pass at him or did he react violently out of anger that Shepard was in the process of outing his secret homosexual life in front of Henderson? Henderson, by most accounts, was just the wheelman who tied Shepard to the fence and didn’t do enough to stop McKinney who was out of his mind on meth.

Tom O’Connor, the limo driver who Shepard occasionally hired, had a lot to say. He knew both Matthew Shepard and Aaron McKinney. He said that a few days before his death, Sheppard told him that he’d discovered he was HIV positive, which is something many homosexuals discover. He’d also claimed that McKinney was definitely bisexual because he, himself, had participated in a three-person sex act with McKinney. McKinney’s girlfriend also suggested that McKinney had repeatedly tried to get her to let one of his male friends join them in their escapades. ..."

This story is a bit of a read, but the information in it (including how Matthew Shepard's killer became gay) is shocking.


  1. "including how Matthew Shepard became gay" - Read the entire blog post as well as the original story. NOWHERE does it say anything about how he "became" gay. But, since you are obviously currious, I let you in on a little secret. I actually know how he caught the gay, and no, he didn't catch it when he was rapped in Morrocco, he was actually born with it, just like like everyone else. Sorry to dissappoint you, but raping people doesn't make them gay, but feel free to keep believing what you want, even if there is no evidence for it, not that actual evidence could influence your opinions in anyway. Obviously it must say in the Bible that gay is caused by rape. Wonder when I was rapped? Must have been before I had any concious memories.

  2. You know Louis, you're right. I'll rewrite the post. I was reading too fast and confused the cause of Aaron McKinney's homosexuality with the cause of Matthew Shepard's.

  3. Um, the articles also doesn't clearly establish how the killer "became" gay either. Anyway, the article indicates that he was bisexual, NOT homosexual and the killer continues to claim that he did not have sex with men. Further more, the whitness to the aledged "bisexual" encounter never stated that the threesome included sexual acts between the 2 men. It would seem then that the killer may just be kinky, and not actually bisexual.

  4. Multiple sources in the article made it clear that the killer was bisexual.

    Also, the fatherless home of the killer was mentioned in the article. One of the main reasons that a boy develops into a homosexual, is a fatherless home. “Father hunger” is a known psycological term. Simply put, it’s when a boy turns into a homosexual due to the bonding that he missed out with his father between the ages of 0 and 5. His unfulfilled desire to bond emotionally with his father then mutates into a sexual attraction for men.

  5. Spend much time on daddyhunt? Got a profile there? You are hardly a licensed phychiatrist, and fatherless homes do not result in homosexual children. If that was the case, children in 30% of African American families will turn out gay. HOGWASH! You can make any claims you want, but again, if you have no EVIDENCE, it is plain and simple BS.

  6. I became aware of "daddyhunt" while viewing Joe.My.God. You can look to the left and down to see my 17-month-old standing challenge for him.

    Also, I said "...ONE of the main reasons that a boy develops into a homosexual, is a fatherless home." Out of the five types of homosexuals that I've written about in my manifesto, ( two of those types become homosexuals WITH an appropriate father-son bonding. They are the "spotlight" homosexual, and the "normalphobe" homosexual.

    I completely expect you to reject what I say since denial is a major part of the glbt lifestyle.

    Also, from now on, any of your comments that contain any personal insults like, "Spend much time on daddyhunt? Got a profile there?" will not be posted.


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