Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Best Kim Davis video ever!! (updated)

Despite the fact that his followers/servants are still flawed human beings, God still reveals to us certain facts that enable us to see things correctly.  Those who don't know or reject Jesus Christ/the Truth, are literally living a lie.  The entire glbt community and those who support the activities of the glbt community are living a lie. 

I support the civil rights and human rights of gay people and their right to be wrong, but their activities are wrong, and same-sex "marriage" is very harmful to children and, therefore, a ticket to the wrath of God.  I'm trying to simultaneously defend my right to walk away from the gay community and reach them with the Word of God.   This is the third best video that this blog has ever seen.

This one is first.

And this one is second.

There are actually people who hate this little girl and wish her harm just because of the truth that comes out of her mouth.  She puts homofascists to shame with a simple, undeniable truth.

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