Saturday, September 19, 2015

Where is "non binary" represented in the letters "LGBT"?

One of the reasons that I stick to "glbt" instead of the current term "lgbt" is because I noticed, long ago, that the glbt community kept changing their call letters too often.  It was "glbt" when I was attacked by homofascists in June of 2002, and when the letters kept changing, I decided to settle on "glbt." 

Well, apparently, I made a good decision.  In their error, the glbt community has failed to recognize the rise of those who desire to be genderless.  How will the glbt community change their moniker now?  "Lgbtn"?  What will the sexual-normalcy-rejecting community do now since every letter in glbt acknowledges the existence of gender?  There has to be gender for someone to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, or "transgender."  So... what now glbt community?  What is the next incarnation of "lgbt"?

Those who reject the Word of God continually amaze me.  Full story here.

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