Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My hero, Ray Jessel.

I was howling with laughter at what should be Bruce Jenner's theme song.  This man crushes transgender propaganda with a short, cute little jingle.  I love it!


  1. I made a real effort to look through your blog for actual information...but it appears your entire website is dedicated to confirmation bias.

    1. Have you found anything untrue on my blog Matt?

  2. Your constant seeking and posting only of information that satisfies your confirmation bias has left you with a log in your eye. The message of Jesus is in here, but it's welded to a twisted view of your opponents that arises not from God, but from your own sinful human nature.

    Jesus reached out to sinners with compassion in an effort to draw them to God. He didn't spend his time "howling with laughter" when he heard jokes at their expense.

    1. 1. I howled with laughter at the damage that he did to homofascism with one little jingle. His skill was awesome. 2. Are you aware of Jesus' definition of marriage? 3. Have you found anything untrue on my blog?

  3. Sorry for the delay it's been a very busy few days.

    Looking back now, and having had time to collect myself, I apologize for how hot-headed I sounded in my first messages. Compassion and empathy are important themes in my life. I'm recognizing now that when I feel someone is not meeting my specific definition of compassion, I can get defensive and hot-headed. I need to learn to rein myself in.

    So I'm going to make a final attempt here. Try to redeem myself for some of that mess up above haha. Let's see how well I do.

    First, I just want to repeat what I said above - I truly am sorry for my first two posts. While there may be small nuggets of good ideas buried in there, I spoke out of a sense of frustration (due to my closely held personal beliefs about compassion and empathy), and so I lashed out. I don't like what I said, and I would take it back if I could.

    Secondly, I'm not here to try and change your beliefs. I agree with many of them.

    Third - here's the message that I was trying to communicate when I made a mess of things:

    As I read your blog, I got a sneaking suspicion that you could refine your arguments and make them stronger if you intentionally dabbled a bit in empathy.

    Empathy is a powerful thing. It can help us understand our opponents better, and also give us more insight into human nature.

    It's very seldom that empathy makes any discernible difference in our position on things, but it often gives us the insight necessary to better convey our thoughts to others.

    I truly believe that by practicing it, you could refine your arguments so that more people recognize the truth in them.

    One last thing before I go - I recognize that I didn't answer your questions. Any time I chat with someone, I make sure to attend to one point at a time, and fully explore that, before I move on. If it's the person I'm talking to who raises the first point, then I will faithfully attend to that argument until we've fully explored it.

    I tend to think of redirection of the conversation as just a method of distraction. It's a useful method in a business, but not really helpful if we're talking about real things.

    Now that I've finished the first topic that I brought up, I'd be happy to talk about a second topic if you'd be ok narrowing it down to one specific idea or question. I find it works best to focus on one point at a time, and fully exhaust it before moving on.

    1. Let's start over then, one question at a time... Have you found anything untrue on my blog?

  4. I'm going to try really hard to rein in my natural tendency to write massive posts, and instead be to-the-point. So my answer:

    No and yes. The concrete, physical facts are all true, but I feel you sometimes don't take all available information into account, which leads you to draw untrue conclusions from those facts.

    I'm guessing this is a major point we're going to disagree on.

    Let me know what you think we should do next. If you want to respond to my answer right away, fantastic. If you want me to give an example of my thinking so you have something more substantial to respond to, can do. I recognize my answer might be hard to respond to without an example.

  5. "No and yes". Why the "yes"? What is untrue on my blog that causes you to say "yes".

  6. Sorry for the delay, life is very busy.

    Here's an example of a post where it appears the facts do not support your conclusions as you imply they do.

    The obvious madness of the "transgender mind"
    Dated April 9, 2016
    Obvious facts:
    1. This man has made extreme alterations to his body (ears and nose removed, tongue split, many tattoos) to look like a dragon.
    2. This man also calls himself female/transgender.
    3. This man’s obsession with body modification is indicative of mental illness (I know some might debate this, but I think you and I agree on this point).

    What you had to say about this:
    - Transgender people are "mad" (according to your title)
    - "The glbt community is still reaching new depths."

    I did some quick online digging, and what I found allowed me to produce an expanded list of facts:
    1. This man has made extreme alterations to his body to look like a dragon.
    2. This man also calls himself female/transgender/glbt.
    3. This man’s obsession with body modification is indicative of mental illness.
    4. Most glbt people are repulsed by his body modification and indicate that they believe something is wrong with him/he is mentally ill. (I looked in the comment sections of various glbt websites I could find)
    5. There is a community of people online dedicated to body modification. (I noticed "body modification" was mentioned in the article you linked, so I googled it)
    6. Instead of acknowledging that he is mentally ill, the body modification community embraces him, glorifies him, encourages his behavior, and calls him “beautiful.” (I found some body modification websites but could only access very limited portions of the sites without becoming a member - so I had to rely on a Facebook page devoted to body modification)
    7. The community of people that engages in/glorifies extreme body modification appears to have a significant proportion of non-glbt people (it actually appeared to me that non-glbt people made up the vast majority of this community, but since I don’t have great data to back that up, “significant proportion” seemed a more honest statement).

    So if I were to try and produce a summary of all this information, here’s what I would say:
    This man is mentally ill (fact 3), and one of the ways this mental illness manifests is in the way he mutilates his body (fact 1). This man identifies with the glbt community, and the transgender community (fact 2). However, the glbt community agrees that his behaviour is a manifestation of mental illness, and is not normal. Meanwhile, he belongs to a community of people that appears to have a significant proportion of non-glbt people (fact 7), who deny/glorify his mental illness (fact 6).
    In light of all this, it seems there is insufficient evidence to claim that his mental illnesses is connected to his claim that he is transgender. His mental illness appears to come from another source.

    So you asked if I found anything untrue – in this specific example, it was not true that the facts of this case led to your conclusions.

    Your claims that transgender people are “mad” and “the glbt community is still reaching new depths” may be true, but this case can’t be used as evidence for that.

    The reason I raised this in the first place - many of your posts could be deconstructed in the same way. And this means that many people who read your page don't take it seriously, because they recognize that you're ignoring some information to reach your conclusions.

    1. I'm constructing a response. Planning to post it on Friday, 22 April 2016.

    2. @ Matt. See 22 April post. Having trouble with posting with Blogger.


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